Looking for a reliable and effective SEO reseller?

SEOak helps digital marketing pros like you avoid the hassles of
providing organic SEO so you can focus on the work you love

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SEOak might be right for your digital marketing company if:

  • You are already selling ongoing digital marketing services to your clients, but want a better organic SEO solution
  • You want to start selling ongoing digital marketing services to your clients and you want to sell organic SEO along with other marketing channels
  • You want either SEO strategy by itself or a combination of SEO strategy with implementation

SEOak might NOT be right for your digital marketing company if:

  • You want to handle the SEO strategy and just have SEOak do the implementation
  • You want to start selling ongoing marketing plans that only include organic SEO
  • You want one white label company to handle all of your traffic generation needs including PPC

The SEOak advantage – What sets SEOak apart from other organic SEO resellers

  • I customize my organic SEO tactics around the very specific needs and opportunities of your client. Other SEO reseller companies have a set package of tactics they try to apply to every client – whether it makes sense or not.
  • No fly-by-night contractors means we only work with reputable people. When your business reputation is on the line, there’s no need to risk it.
  • Better than hiring a salaried SEO expert. Not only is it way more affordable than providing their salary (~$76k/year), benefits, office space, and supplies – but you also don’t have to worry about the headaches surrounding hiring process, human resources, management, training, and determining a culture fit.
  • SEOak is not your typical SEO / digital marketing company that just happens to offer SEO reseller services among several others; I am focused on being a great SEO reseller and nothing else.

Years of experience generating organic SEO results

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