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Whether you’re an online retailer who sells other people’s products, or you’re a direct-to-consumer product brand who wants to serve your customers directly, we can help you with our premium eCommerce SEO services. 


Our unique three-pillar approach to modern eCommerce SEO services is a combination of best-practices suggested by the top educators in SEO like Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, and many more. Here’s how our approach breaks down:

Pillar #1: Architecture and UX

Making sure your site is built for SEO, structured for authority, and ensuring it properly converts website visitors to sales.


Pillar #2: Content Creation and Outreach

This is where we make sure you’re creating “linkable assets” and doing the necessary outreach to develop links to it.

Pillar #3: Inbound Link Landscape

This is where we make sure your inbound links are well-balanced, and strategize the best ways to acquire new ones.
So, in our monthly plans, we try to balance our resources to make sure no pillar gets neglected. Speaking of our monthly plans, those are quite unique as well. Here’s how:

Instead of a set list of tasks we try to apply to each client we work with, we analyze and prescribe on a monthly basis depending on how things are going.

Sounds cool, but why is this important to me?

Monthly analysis and strategy helps keep our plans cost-effective, and ensures your resources are being invested in the best way. In short, you’ll get faster results and a better return on your SEO investment.

Here are some examples of how well this has worked out for our clients:



Success #1: Automotive Products

On this eCommerce site with custom-made automotive products, we were able to help them increase organic traffic by 84% and sales by 39% increase over 36 months.

ecommerce seo services case study

(click to expand the Analytics screenshot)

Success #2: Retail Clothing

On this clothing retailer’s site, we helped them attain a 106% increase in organic traffic and a 43% increase in sales from organic traffic in ~6 months.

ecommerce seo company case study

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Success #3: Fashion Accessories

This manufacturer and retailer of fine fashion accessories is enjoying a 72% increase in traffic and a 2481% increase in revenue from april 2016 to april 2017. (revenue results not typical) 

ecommerce seo case study

(click to expand Analytics screenshot)

The point is that, generally, we are able to increase your eCommerce site’s sales through organic traffic. The reason this should be exciting to you, as an eCommerce business owner or marketing executive, is one of the best potential returns on investment of any of your marketing campaigns.

The fact that SEOak specializes in eCommerce SEO services means that we have a proven process that we can apply to your business and minimize risk for you and your company. On top of that, while we can’t guarantee specific results, we can guarantee that we’ll do what we say we’re going to do and that you’re satisfied with the work. Make sure to ask about our full money-back guarantee.

Look, there’s no magic when it comes to SEO. We do the annoying, tough, and challenging SEO work that you probably already know you need to be doing. Things like finding the best keywords for the products you sell in your store, optimizing your product pages, collection/category pages, creating authority content, and building quality backlinks.

Of course, since every campaign has finite resources, we will use those resources in a way that will move the needle for your ROI in the fastest possible way. As a business owner, we’re sure you’ve heard of the Pareto Principle which states that 80% of your results comes from 20% of the actions taken. Well, we like to think of our proven process as an 80/20 approach to SEO.

We’ve helped tons of stores from all over the world increase their eCommerce sales through organic traffic – from Australia to the UK, and of course plenty from right here in the United States. Since we worked on many of these on a white label (behind-the-scenes) basis, we can’t share the names of the clients, but now we’re coming out from behind the curtain to work directly with eCommerce brands like yours.

If you’re wondering if your eCommerce brand might be a fit for our eCommerce SEO services, here’s a quick question for you. What’s your revenue and what’s your cash flow look like?

I’ll tell you that most eCommerce companies below $30k US per year will not be a fit for our offerings unless they’re already selling the product like hotcakes via other means (retail distribution, locally, etc). What SEO (along with all forms of marketing) can’t solve for your business is a product-market fit.

A better fit would be a company between $30k-$100k/year in revenue. At this point, you’ve probably got your product-market fit figured out so you can start investing a little bit into your marketing and getting things rolling with a very minimal plan that fits within your cash flow situation. But at this very basic level, it’s typical not to have results for over 12 months.

Our second-best fit is an eCommerce shop with around $400k/year in revenue. Now, that $400k doesn’t have to all be from eCommerce sales but you should be able to sustain at least 6 months of investment before you’ll need to see results. This should be doable for you with some planning and diligence.

Our ideal fit is a company around $1-$3m per year in revenue. Since these companies can invest a bit more, you can expect faster results, as quick as four months.

Of course, we have plans for larger companies as well, if you are well over the $3m/year mark. We’ve worked with eCommerce companies as large as $26m per year.

Also, keep in mind, our SEO plans are very strategically and fairly priced, as they are intended to be supplemented with other marketing channels which will have costs of their own. While we only offer SEO at this time, we can always connect you with trusted partners who offer other marketing services that will perfectly complement what we do here at SEOak.

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