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Metairie SEO

Are you having problems gaining web traffic and conversions in your site? You’ve come to the right place. 

We help Metairie businesses improve their website traffic and conversions which helps them increase their leads, sales, and even revenues.

SEOak has been operating for almost a decade and we have helped countless of Metairie businesses rank high on SERPS like Google and more.

This isn’t just for big businesses. We partner with any kind of business from small to large setups. With our help, you can potentially even double or even triple your web traffic by the end of the year.

Our SEO approach for Metairie-based businesses

We have what we call the “Three Pillars of Modern SEO”

The first pillar is focused on your website’s architecture which affects user experience. It measures how well your site is structured and optimized and how fast it loads on your end-users. 

A page that features your services must be well optimized and well structured so users can easily navigate through your services with no distractions that may lead them to another page. This fundamental principle will lead you to a higher chance of conversion which eventually may lead some to sales and revenues. 

The second is Authority Content Creation.

Producing quality content makes your business appear as an authority and it will help you reach out to other websites to link back to it which means more traffic and more potential conversions.

The third pillar is the Inbound Link Landscape.

Gaining high-quality backlinks is a big part of SEO. These quality backlinks will help your site gain more visitors and potential conversions. 

The last and final pillar is the GMB/Citations/Location Pages. 

This is where we will track and measure the performance of your Google My Business listing. Everything is searchable on the web now and having an optimized GMB will drive more traffic to your website.

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