Harahan SEO
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Harahan SEO

Are you a business that’s based in Harahan and has a business website but struggling to build traffic? SEO is the solution to your problem.

We work with Harahan businesses and help them improve their ranking on Google which gives them an increase in their leads, sales, and revenues.

With over decades of experience, we pride ourselves in our ability to make SEO decisions that will increase the chance of getting your site to rank high on SERPS like Google.

Big businesses like Laitram, Blessey Marine Services, Sodexo Remote Sites USA, and Ducky Johnson Home Elevations are located in Harahan but your business doesn’t have to be as big as the businesses mentioned above to work with us.

We are currently working with businesses having a revenue ranging from $400k to $1 million a year.

Our SEO approach for Harahan-based businesses

We are using a three-pillar approach to SEO and we call this the “Three Pillars of Modern SEO”

The first pillar is focused on your website’s architecture and user experience. It measures how well your site is built, your website’s speed, performance, and how interactive your site is.

An example would be, you have a page on your site that features your company background and achievements.

How well does that page help your end-users learn about your business?

Is the page well optimized? Does it load quickly or slowly?

Does everything make sense on the site?

Is it easy to navigate?

These are the stuff we are going to focus on under this pillar.

The second is Authority Content Creation.

This is where we are going to product produce content that makes your company appear as an authority and reach out to other websites to link back to it.

Gaining high-quality backlinks is a big part of SEO.

The third and final pillar is the Inbound Link Landscape.

This measures the quality and the quantity of the inbound links pointing to your site.

This is where our proven methods and techniques will come in.

That’s pretty much it, the ‘Three Pillars of Modern SEO’. It’s proven and tested to give great results.

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