Hi, I’m Jeff Couret, founder of SEOak. My goal with SEOak is to help 1-2 person digital marketing company owners provide better results for their clients.

Our partners (that’s you) resell our SEO services for around 1.5x-2x what we charge. This allows you to make more recurring revenue each month, and your clients reap a healthy return on their organic SEO investment. On top of that, we get to run a business working with some amazing people (also you).

michael-scott-win-win-win (1)

It really is that simple.

We have over a decade of experience optimizing websites for search engines. Over that decade, we have had a number of both successes and failures. We know from experience what works and what doesn’t. On top of that, we are dedicated to staying on top of the latest search engine algorithm changes and SEO techniques.

We have helped several companies attain #1 positions in competitive keywords – one of which has resulted in millions of dollars in revenue for the client’s business.

SEOak is not for you if you’re looking for fancy tools, dashboards, or automated SEO audits. All of our SEO reports are hand-crafted in a way that could never be replicated by an automated SEO tool. However, I should mentioned that SEOak acts as a curator for the best and latest SEO tools, so we will definitely use relevant ones when it makes sense to.

SEOak prefers to communicate with our white label partners the “old-fashioned way” – via e-mail, phone, and Skype.

SEOak’s Core Values

These are some short simple rules that we try to abide by every day. Inspired by Jason Cohen and the team over at WPEngine during our visit with the Ugurus $10k community.

Don’t accept the status quo
If something we do can be improved, let’s spend the time to improve it

Do the right thing
Don’t be an jerk in the name of business

Don’t put short-term reward in the way of long-term gain
Black hat isn’t worth it

Honesty is the best policy
People will find out eventually

Don’t assume anything is obvious. Don’t leave anyone in the dark.

Why is the SEOak logo an Oak tree?

Good question. Oak trees symbolize strength and reliability – SEOak is no fly-by-night operation. If you look at an Oak, it’s branches run in many different directions – just like modern SEO covers a wide array of different things. Plus Oaks are a nice nod to our home base in New Orleans.

Well, that’s the high-level view of SEOak. Feel free to take a look at SEOak’s monthly seo reseller plans.

Got questions? I don’t blame ya. This can be a bit much to take in. Give me a call at 504-484-9326 or reach out via email – We look forward to it.