Client ROI Plan

The perfect option to help you turn one of your web design client relationships into a recurring revenue machine. It can also work very well alongside your discovery phase when engaging a new prospect.

First, you pick one client you think might be a good fit for SEO and I’ll ask you a few questions about them.

Using the context of that data, we then perform a search engine optimization micro-audit:

  • Your client’s website traffic
  • Your client’s organic search engine optimization strategy
  • Your client’s key performance indicators
  • Your client’s competitive landscape in search

Based on the results of this micro-audit, SEOak will develop and deliver a search engine marketing plan including the following:

  • Which Monthly Plan makes the most business sense for the client
  • ROI Projections at the 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24 month marks
  • Expected timeline to results
  • The ability for you to easily transition the conversation with your client from an SEO plan for (x) dollars per month to a marketing investment which could return which could get a 400% ROI or better

To top it off, we will hold your hand throughout the entire sales process to help you close the deal. You get:

  • Unlimited email and/or chat support
  • OPTIONAL – Up to 3 30 minute calls or video chats – This can be used for consulting or to have me hop on a sales call to help you close the deal

We want you to be happy, that’s why we guarantee that you will be:

  • 100% satisfaction with your Client ROI plan or your money back
  • If we determine that we probably can’t get a 400% ROI or better for your prospect/client in the next 24 months, they’re probably not a good fit for our services. If that’s the case, we will let you know and you can push your ROI plan to your next prospect at no additional cost

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