Custom SEO Plan for Windy City Travel

$1,000.00 / month with a 3-month free trial and a $2,850.00 sign-up fee

Custom 3-month prepaid SEO plan:

  • 27 Action Item Credits (3 months x 9 credits/mo)
  • + 6 Action Item Credits (converted to credits instead of 3x Strategic SEO Analyses)
  • + 3 Action Item Credits (converted to credits instead of 3x SEO Strategy Meetings)
  • Total of 36 Action Item Credits
  • “Unlimited” SEO Consulting via email*

After the 3 month period expires, the plan will renew as follows:

  • Custom Bi-monthly period SEO Plan
  • 20 Action Item Credits per period
  • 1 Strategic SEO Meeting per period
  • “Unlimited” SEO Consulting via email*

* any SEO consulting questions via email that require more than 15 minutes to research and respond to should probably be assigned an action item credit. We aren’t the biggest sticklers about this, especially if it’s only once in a while, but that’s where we try to draw the line. What we don’t want is constant emails that take 30+ minutes to respond to.