Stage 1: Architecture

Stage 1 SEO Roadmap

Getting architecture right is the foundation to a successful SEO campaign. Very important.

Stage 2: Content Creation & Promotion

Stage 2 SEO Roadmap

Your client won’t have success in organic SEO without a strong content creation and promotion strategy.

Stage 3: User Experience & Social Signals

Stage 3 SEO Roadmap

Social and UX – they definitely play a role in your client’s rankings.

Stage 4: Link Building

Stage 4 SEO Roadmap

An in-depth look at the link building strategies and opportunities that exist for your client.

My Handcrafted SEO roadmaps are built using a combination of a deep understanding of your client’s goals, my 10+ years of SEO expertise, and the most relevant SEO tools to your client’s situational needs.

Unlike any other white label SEO reseller, SEOak creates SEO roadmaps in four strategically-ordered stages.

I do this for a few reasons:

  1. The roadmap stages are ordered from basic to advanced, helping to avoid the all-too-common situation where advanced tactics are being implemented before the basics are in order.
  2. Each roadmap’s findings report is presented in smaller chunks that are more “digestable” than a single massive roadmap.
  3. Some of my digital marketing partners (that’s you) handle some of my key focus areas on their own – which is fine – but it doesn’t always make sense to pay us to do that work twice. This way, you only pay for what you or your clients need!