From Panda to Mobile-geddon and back again, navigating the labyrinth that is Google takes some doing. A good trail to follow is marked with engaging, relevant content, intuitive navigation, fast load page speeds and attractive design.  Called User Experience, or UX, this path leads to page one rankings in the search results…. and it’s important that your web design clients understand this.

Successful SEO used to be about getting ranked on page one with keywords and backlinks. But over time, Google has gotten smarter at catching how marketers are able to game the system.

But even from the 1990s, the constant goal of search engines has been to provide useful content and a helpful experience to visitors, points out Amanda Iglesias, Hubspot’s Product Manager. And Google’s latest changes are simply a natural progression.

web ux design for seo

To keep pace with Google and its evolving expectations, that means close collaboration between SEO specialists and UX designers. Working together, they can maximize website quality and speed, and enhance how easily and effectively the user interacts with the site. The direct result of good UX is the opportunity to send strong ranking cues to Google.

So, in your meetings with you prospective and current web design clients, try to help them understand that UX plays a significant role in modern SEO.