SEO and LMS – Learning Management System

In concept, search engine optimization (SEO) is simple. If you include the right content and copy, you will attract search algorithms and human readers alike. This will help your website rank higher in search results.

But SEO can be a lot trickier in practice. Every time a search engine like Google changes its algorithms, the goalposts move, too. The competition to rank high in a Google search is incredibly fierce, and much of SEO requires more profound technical know-how.

Sound SEO practices are crucial to your website’s success in attracting and keeping readers reading longer. But educating your marketing staff and clients on SEO best practices is time-consuming. And to complicate matters, industry standards are constantly shifting.

You need a better way to deliver SEO training to your staff and clients. You need a learning management system (LMS).

What is an LMS?

A learning management system is a software that allows you to create educational materials, distribute them to learners, and measure learning results, all within one system.

Creating training materials in an LMS starts with an in-app course creator. You can make engaging training materials quickly and easily. They can be branded to your default specifications to include the right colors, fonts, and logos. You can include quizzes, tests, and assignments with each course.

The best LMS software will offer robust tracking and reporting tools. You’ll be able to see which courses have been completed, by whom, and how well your learners retained the knowledge they received. You’ll also be able to measure which courses are the most popular and effective.

In an LMS, message boards and forums allow users to communicate with each other about assignments. It’s a great way to bring learners together to discuss and discover, even if they’re not physically present in the same office.

How is an LMS connected to SEO?

An LMS can help digital marketing companies deliver on-brand SEO training materials, no matter where the industry leads.

SEO best practices are constantly shifting. Every time Google changes its search algorithm, digital marketers must change their SEO tactics. With so many changes, keeping on top of industry standards can be challenging. An LMS lets you deliver timely SEO training as often as you need.

SEO is a long game. Without continual focus (and refocus) on hitting SEO targets page after page, it can be easy to lose sight of the long-term goals. An LMS helps keep your SEO goals top-of-mind for your staff and clients.

Some SEO tactics, especially those supporting technical SEO, take more work to conceptualize and implement. An LMS allows clients and team members to train and retrain as often as needed to understand the technical aspects of SEO.

In an LMS, your SEO training is always accessible. Clients or team members who have questions about your SEO best practices can find the answer quickly, and it’s always the correct, on-brand response.

Combining an LMS with SEO training

Here’s how you can use an LMS to improve SEO knowledge within your inhouse team members and your clients, too.

Deliver SEO training to staff

Your marketing team can become an SEO powerhouse with ongoing SEO training. Via an LMS, you can offer SEO courses that keep your staff up-to-date on the latest SEO tactics. 

Users will also gain a deeper understanding of technical SEO with courses that focus on technical complexities. Website structure, metadata optimization, and schema markup can all be demystified with SEO courses in an LMS.

Staff training via an LMS helps you centralize your marketing and SEO standards. You can ensure a more unified brand voice and a seamless experience for your digital marketing clients because they’ll receive the same advice and language from your well-trained staff, no matter which member they speak to.

Deliver SEO training to clients

Speaking of clients, an LMS allows you to offer SEO courses to them, too. Empowering your digital marketing clients to improve their SEO efforts will give them better results in the long run. The pages and blog posts they create will be better suited to rank higher. You’ll have happier clients who see the results they want quicker.

In an LMS, you can make quick changes to existing SEO training. That way, you can repurpose courses you’ve used for your staff to enlighten your clients. You’ll gain knowledgeable clients that work in lockstep with your SEO practices. Clients can access industry-level SEO advice without asking your team for help.

Create and monetize content for clients

You don’t have to stop creating SEO content for your clients. In an LMS, you can build a rich content library full of whitepapers, ebooks, and video courses on how clients can improve their own digital marketing efforts.

Your digital marketing agency will become its de facto source of SEO and marketing expertise. When they need help implementing marketing tactics, they’ll think of your agency first. Your clients will turn to your LMS to learn from your marketing wisdom.

If you want to open your content library to a broader audience, you can easily monetize your content. Any material can be gated to require payment before access, and you can set up one-time payments or recurring subscriptions.

Track and analyze your training results

Measuring results is a critical component of successful SEO efforts, and an LMS allows you to track your learners and their learning progress. You can see which learners are completing training, who is hitting their SEO course goals, and who is falling behind. Pinpointing gaps in SEO knowledge can help you understand which of your clients need extra attention in understanding SEO and its intricacies.

Explore how you could use an LMS in your agency

An LMS can help you hone your SEO training and offer a better experience for your staff and clients. Creating and storing your SEO knowledge in a centralized system allows you to easily update your SEO courses with every industry shift. You’ll also be able to monitor who is getting the proper training and who needs a little more attention.

If you’re interested in an LMS, check out LearnRight. They’ll help you explore how an LMS can boost SEO knowledge for your team members and clients. Or how you could monetize your SEO expertise and turn it into a lucrative side hustle for your digital marketing agency. 

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