I Did This Instead of a Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal Transcript

Hey, this is Jeff Couret, president and founder of SEOak. So today we’re going to talk about what I did instead of doing the Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal. So here’s kind of how I handled it. You know, like I was saying in my previous video, I didn’t want to do a Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal because I kind of felt like it kind of set a bad precedent, precedent, sorry. And you know, never really got that much from doing it, at least for attracting new clients. So this time I decided to make kind of a loyalty offer to only my most loyal customers. So I went into my customer list and only sent this to my partners who have had an SEO plan running for six months or longer, or someone who had more than one SEO plan running at one time at the same time, like currently.

Right. So if they canceled they’re out, right. So yeah, what I did was, I think we had like six, seven, or eight or so. And so since it wasn’t that many, I was able to go in and create a custom video for each one of them and just kinda thanking them for their business and saying how appreciative I am and then kind of going over the offer. The offer is like my ongoing SEO plans are discounted between like 10 and 30%. So actually pretty significant savings and I think it may be the best deal I’ve ever offered. And again, I think that’s going to go a long way with, you know, building up the relationship and stuff like that between me and my existing partners and just kind of show people, look, I’m not all about getting new customers, you know, I do want to take care of my existing partners.

My white label partners are definitely super important for my revenue and going forward. So yeah, that’s what I did in lieu of Black Friday / Cyber Monday, and that’s what I did instead. And you know, I had some good conversations with some people in my mastermind group who recommended that I give this some thought. And it was like, you know what, why not reward those people who’ve been so loyal over the last few years? That’s pretty much it. Sorry to keep this video a little bit brief, but I think I’ll leave it there. So let me know in the comments below if you have ever considered doing something like this, give this a like if this triggered any thoughts for you. And I’ll see you in the next video.