Creating Video Is So Easy! Transcript

Hi, this is Jeff Couret, founder and president of SEOak. Today we’re going to be talking about how easy it really is to create a video. You know, I think people, I don’t know, they build up video creation in their heads. They make it out to be this big old thing, but really just pick up the phone and record, man. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s not that intimidating. It’s not that complex. If you’re looking for a topic to talk about, here’s two things you can do and this is literally off the top of my head. Didn’t even prepare that before the video, but like number one, just make a list of things that you wish you knew before you started, what it is that you do or maybe a list of things you wish you knew. Like let’s just say you’re making content for like local HVAC companies or something like that. What are the 10 things you wish you knew about doing HVAC marketing. If that is your niche and you are a digital agency, what are the 10 things you wish you knew about HVAC marketing before you started doing HVAC marketing? Each one of those 10 things is a video topic that should be more than enough to get you going. And then, so that’s the first quick and easy tip. The second quick and easy tip would be what is something that somebody actually asked you a question. Use specifically a question about it’s something that they don’t understand. It’s something that maybe they’ve even tried to Google it and the answer is still wasn’t clear. So they wanted to ask your opinion or your feedback or something like that.

Answer that question in a video. How to, like if they asked you, Hey, how do I get that Google verified? I’m sorry, Google guaranteed. So Google My Business has the Google guaranteed logo for companies where they’re verified that they’re licensed or whatever. Hey, how do I get that Google guaranteed? Well, guess what? You know, there’s a bunch of blog posts and videos about it, but they’re asking you specifically. So maybe you could put a little bit of a specific spin for your niche or something like that. That may be the other videos hadn’t done. Because obviously people at least one person can use the answer to that. And really your goal with each video should be to help one person. If you’re helping one person, then the chances are you’re gonna help more than one person.

So go into each video with the goal to help one person and just naturally you’re going to help more than one. So that’s literally how easy it is to upload a video. Take my last video, the strategy of either 15 to 60 second quick video or an up to 10 minute video for a little bit longer form and then answer the question. It’s not that hard. Stop building it up in your head. And I would say the less you think about it, the better you got the idea, you pick up the phone and you hit record. For this particular video. I didn’t know what I was going to make it about, but I picked up the phone and the time that it took to pick up the phone and hit record. I said, how about I just make it about video topics and how easy it is and how people kind of build it up in their head, okay hit record. I didn’t prepare. But I still think there’s videos valuable. This is stuff that people need to hear. They should be creating more content. Video is one of the easiest forms of content to create. Imagine if I was creating a blog post about this, I’d have to sit there and type typity type type, it would’ve taken a lot longer than three to three minutes and 30 seconds. It’s been so far. Probably take, you know, 15 to 30, maybe even an hour to pump out something. And then they’d go back and like format the text, come up with the title, upload it to the website and all that stuff. Make the quick blog image. Get some stock photos in there, man. You’re talking about hours of work, and I just did this in less than four minutes, so that’s going to be it.

If this is something that you felt like you needed to hear and you know somebody who also needs to hear it, go ahead and share it with them. Click that like button and let me know if you’ve ever tried this in the comments below. If you’ve ever tried, just pick it up the camera, picking up the phone and hit the record and just on the fly coming up with a video topic. Have you tried it? If not, I think you should. All right, that’s going to do it for today. Enjoy the rest of your day and we’ll talk soon.