Reasons Why You Should Not Run a Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special Transcript:

Hey, this is Jeff Couret, founder and president of SEOak and today we’re going to be talking about why I’m not doing a Black Friday / Cyber Monday special this year. And three quick reasons. We’re going to go through these pretty quickly. Number one, I’ve never had a single long-term client who signed up for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday special. So that’s reason number one. These people are not the same quality or, you know, they’re just, they’re just not there in terms of the quality of the prospect. And then gets me to number two, people who do sign up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials for service businesses. I think, at least in my experience, they’re much more likely to cancel early in terms of like how long they stay on. It might only be a couple of months as opposed to six to twelve months or even years. Right. And then finally, number three, it’s going to be a oh, my inbox is actually littered with Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals. So I’m actually going to stand out by not doing it. That’s my three quick tips by I’m not doing it and I don’t think that you should either have a good one.