How To Leverage Your Videos Into Super Easy SEO Fodder For Your Website Transcript:

Hello there, this is Jeff Couret. Today we’re going to be talking about what I think is a pretty good opportunity to get some SEO value to get some SEO traffic to your website that a lot of people are not taking advantage of. And we’re going to talk about pretty much any business but this could apply to you know, digital agencies or probably whoever, with the caveat that you are creating video content at this time, right? So we’re going to talk specifically about transcripts. Transcripts will allow you to use something that already exists and leverage it on your website in order to get more traffic. So if you are pretty serious about YouTube, you’ve probably realized that YouTube already crates transcripts for the videos that you create. In fact, YouTube is going to transcribe this video as soon as I upload it.

I’m also going to upload this to other platforms. I don’t know, I think Facebook might, I want to say LinkedIn does not, I don’t plan on uploading this to TikTok, Twitter or Instagram just because they have a 62nd-ish max. But anyway, back to the point, transcripts. Okay. So, why are transcripts good for SEO? Well, for every minute you talk, I think you probably say about a hundred-ish words, maybe 150, depending on the speed that you talking. And so that’s content that could go on your website. And you know, if you’re on YouTube, you can export your transcript and strip out, there are tools for this, but you can strip out all of those tags that are like timestamps and stuff like that. And then you can just have like a big, like single paragraph that’s like a million sentences long that’s kind of badly formatted.

But you know, that’s content that could potentially go on your website. In fact, if you go right now and you search for “Meet Alfred Reviews”, you’ll kind of see how I’ve done this to get number one and number two and number two, three, for “Meet Alfred Reviews”, the search term. So what I did was, I just took that transcript and plopped it on my website and later I think I went through and it looked like it was doing pretty well. So I figured, Hey, it’s probably worth it to go through and clean that up. Cause it was just like one big paragraph full of all the words that I said with all the little ‘uhms’ and ‘uhs’. I discovered this tool called Temi. I don’t want to say I found that, I was told about it by one of the speakers at USUMMIT 2019, but will allow you to for 10 cents a minute.

It just kind of organizes your content, breaks up the paragraphs and they have a little convenient tool to get rid of the filler words like ‘uhms and ‘uhs’. So that’s pretty sweet. And you know, I kinda whether or not you use Temi it doesn’t really matter. I think that putting transcripts on your videos is worth the effort. And, you know, I was talking with a friend and kind of encouraging him to do this and you know, he said, what about duplicate content? Well, I said, well, I don’t think duplicate content is that big of a deal. It might be. It, it might be, it might be something worth looking into if it’s a problem, but if it’s not a problem, you know, it’s not a problem. So what do I mean by that? Well, you know, depending on the keyword, depending on the platform, like we’re talking like, okay, let’s say Google SEO, let’s just say, let’s just assume we’re talking about Google SEO.

Well, depending on the keyword, forget about platform right now, but depending on the keyword, there’s going to be different levels of competition. I personally, you could say that I use duplicate content on my “Meet Alfred Review” page on my website and then, you know, I’m not, I don’t feel like I’m being penalized for that. I’m getting good results. Like I said, I’m number one, number two, and number three as of the time of this video. And so I like, I don’t feel like I’m being penalized for that. But at the same time, that is not a very competitive keyword. So all things being equal, you know, maybe you get a little bit of a penalty for it, but I don’t think that penalty is gonna like kick you out of the SERPs or like page one, you know, depending on the, the keyword competition.

So, that particular keyword doesn’t have a lot of competition. So, my point is, you know, at the end of the day, what SEO, what great SEO is, is using the limited resources that you have as effectively as possible. Right? And as efficiently as possible. So when we think about what it actually takes to plop some preexisting text on a webpage and keep in mind this webpage is, is a page that people are going to go to and they’re going to, they’re going to see the video and they’re not, they’re not gonna probably bother to scroll down any further from that point. They’re going to sit there, they’re gonna watch the video, and then they’re probably not going to scroll down. Why would they? , if they, if they want to control F you know, and they see some jumbled text. Sure, it doesn’t look as good as having nice organized content.

For me, I personally think it’s worth the ROI for my business to spend the 10 cents per minute that Temi charges. And by the way, Temi is an automated platform so I don’t think it’s like somebody in there doing it. They actually have a pretty good automated system but so does YouTube. So at the end of the day, Temi just kind of organizes you know, it automatically transcribes but it also, who knows, maybe it’s pulling the actual transcription from YouTube and organizing that. But anyway, but at the end of the day, what Temi actually does is organizes your content and allows you to easily remove some filler words. So when we’re going back to like SEO, what I, what SEO actually is in terms of using your limited resources as efficiently and as effectively as possible in order to get the result that you’re looking for, for the lowest cost.

Whether that cost is resources or it’s actual dollars. I do think it’s worth it. I do think it’s worth it to take your transcribed content, throw it up on the webpage that’s going to have your video. And that’s going to allow you to have that webpage rank better on Google first for those types of searches. Let’s just take the 18-minute video that I recently did for the USUMMIT. The UAcademy, I’m sorry, the UGURUS USUMMIT 2019 conference that I attended a couple of months ago. I made like an 18 or 19-minute video. Guess how many words that was? 2,688. And guess what I had to do for that? I had to pay like a dollar and 80 cents on Temi to get that content and then spend maybe, you know, 15 to 30 minutes. Cause it was a lot of content, you know, fixing a few little hiccups here and there and organizing it as best as I could.

Maybe I spent an hour just because it was a bigger one, but I didn’t have to, I totally didn’t have to do that. I just wanted to just to give that little professional little look. So yeah, I mean that’s pretty much it. Don’t sleep on the transcripts and, and you know, kind of use this as a reminder, like, you know, take that video and put it up on your website. Don’t just feel like you have to leave it on YouTube and then you can just use it very easily in just a couple of minutes or a couple of dollars, get a transcript for your video and you think about all like having like a fishing pole in the water at like, you know, 200 ponds. You probably going to catch something as long as you’ve got decent bait on all of them. Right? So that’s kinda how I see this.

Maybe it won’t dominate like a major keyword because of this, but maybe you’ll get found for all of these, like random, possibly random search combinations that may exist. So yeah, that’s kinda where I’m at with this. Don’t sleep on it. You know, I personally generated a really good lead in the last few days doing this stuff with a video that was relevant for them and we’ll see where that conversation goes. But I mean, it’s just really exciting and just a really easy thing that people aren’t taking advantage of. So let me know in the comments below. Do you have any questions about this stuff. If you need any help implementing it, I’m happy to answer you in the comments. And if you have a friend who you think would benefit from this video, please share it with them. And, if you liked the video, you know, obviously like the video and, I will talk with you in the next one. Have a great day.