Exploding Topics Review and Comparison with Google Trends Transcript:

Hi there. This is Jeff Couret, founder, and president of SEOak. Today we’re going to be talking about a hot off the presses brand new tool called Exploding Topics, Exploding Topics hit the scene. In terms of me yesterday, I was told by a friend what’s up Jimmy, hopefully, you’ll be watching this. He actually requested that I make a video about this I think, but even if he didn’t, I think it’d be a good video to make. So it was featured on product hunt yesterday. It’s cofounded by Brian Dean of Backlinko and I’m not sure who else, but, looks like Josh Owarth I’m not sure who that is, but anyway, let’s take a look. The whole point here is it’s kind of like a Google Trends except it brings in, what is it, online communities like forums, shopping. So search, I think, we can say that Google Trends kind of covers search when it comes to what keywords are trending in terms of when you’re trying to come up with content topics to make, whether for your own content marketing or your own video marketing, trying to take advantage of a new trend that maybe someone else hasn’t taken advantage of.

Let’s just take the example of my “Meet Alfred Review”. Well, I was the first person in the whole world to make a “Meet Alfred Review”. And as you might imagine, you know, I kinda beat the trend. I’m sure some other people will make one, but as for now, I think I’m the only person who’s made one. And so because of that, you know, I’ve gotten some decent views on their video. It’s allowed me to kind of stand out and kind of beat the rush. So that’s kinda what Exploding Topics can give us, along with Google Trends and so what I wanted to do here is kind of evaluate it and kinda compare Exploding Topics with Google Trends. And again, Exploding Topics. It’s kind of a comparison, I’m sorry.

The exploding topic is a competitor for Google Trends. They’re trying to do something that’s a little bit better than Google Trends. So when you’re on Exploding Topics, here is your homepage, as far as I can tell, it’s free, at least for now. The first thing you can do is kind of see what’s been popping over the last five years. We see Uber eats, we see serverless, we see Marcus by Goldman, or you can kind of scroll down and see some other stuff. ManyChat has taken off. That’s a chatbot and of course the word chatbot. Cool. I want to make my face a little smaller, all right. So, you know, I think it’s better to pause the video.

All right. So I think it’s better to go to like one year, see what’s popping right now. Um, if you really, you know, depending on the success of your content marketing efforts, you may have to go like bleeding edge and take a little bit of a risk on something that seems to be maybe the next new trend. I would say the more success you’ve had, the more you can kind of branch out. But I was kind of playing with this yesterday, so I started with one month. I was like, Oh, I can just do things that are super popular like now, right? Super popular in the last month. But what I noticed was like Amazon echo or whatever. Let’s see, here’s one I looked at yesterday. Quantum dot display. You click it and you can kind of see, Oh wow. you know, a month ago it was getting 26 searches and I’m not sure if that’s like searches per month or what, but I think it’s like maybe a percentage, kind of like Google Trends does, but this one’s like a hundred searches.

But I think that’s actually like a black Friday kind of thing. Cause like we changed this from one month to one year. We see that it had another uptake last holiday season. So while it’s definitely doing better, we see that slow trend of growth to kind of be a little bit more slowly than maybe what that month view could’ve told us. And of course, if we take the five-year view, we can kind of see this trend over time. So it’s not like this thing came out of nowhere. You know, we’re seeing people search for this stuff around the holiday season for the last few years. So keep that in mind when you’re looking at this. Now, one thing I noticed when I was kind of clicking around Exploding Topics is when you go to this homepage, I think one year should probably be your default view, but you can also, let me go back to my original point.

So when you’re looking at the homepage, I really like how it just kind of throws a bunch of topics at you that are not necessarily in a certain category or anything like that. And Google Trends really actually doesn’t do this. So if we’re just looking for maybe random subjects to talk about Google Trends, you go to their homepage, you have to either search in a term or topic, or you can start with an example, but like they only give you a few examples. So that’s six examples. They give you Thanksgiving 2019, Black Friday. Let’s just say you’re a YouTube creator and just trying to come up with something random to talk about. That’s just maybe some kind of hot topic you can get around really kinda can’t do that. You can see like some trending searches, but you can’t really eliminate per year.

And if you were to click here, you’d have to go all the way to 2018. Right? So, you know, that’s the last year we’re almost to 2020 now so you can’t do that. And if you were to click here on more turning searches, it would take you to kind of a weird thing like okay, we can look at daily search trends daily can be a little risky, you know what I mean? Kind of like we saw before, it could be a seasonality thing. So this is just daily and if you’ve got real-time search trends you can go, it only gives you past 24 hours. So actually, unless you give Google Trends a topic, I’m going to go back home. Unless you give Google Trends like a topic or like a category, I don’t think you can kind of get this random look at what kind of, what’s going on generally.

So let’s just hypothetically type in marketing. Cause I know a lot of people who watch my videos here have visual marketing agencies or just type in marketing and see, you know, it’s looking for like, like things with marketing in it. So you kinda can’t do what you want. Let’s compare with like Exploding Topics. You can click all categories and go-to marketing for one of the categories, which I thought was kinda cool. And like, you know, you’re getting RankMath, you’re getting Google search console. None of these keywords have marketing in them because I was actually looking at this rank map keyword. It is a ghost competitor and any of you who use WordPress know that Yoast is a pretty popular SEO tool. So RankMath, you know, it seems like they’re making a little bit of a dent in Yoast in terms of what people are using in WordPress and you know, maybe it’s worth making a video about, kind of see this growth over time.

There are a bunch of RankMath videos out there, so it’s not like you would be the first-ever, but you know, it is, maybe it’s worth making a video about RankMath. Like it’s just new enough, that it maybe makes sense that of course, you can kind of hover over these. It’s not working right in here. Oh, here we go. You hover over these and it kind of gives you, yeah and we see some massive fluctuations for some reason, October 19th, 100 and then November 2nd 13. So we’re seeing some pretty massive fluctuations. But you know, we see this thing growing over time. So maybe it’s something you want to get in front of, you know, before it gets overly overly saturated. So I’m thinking about making a video about RankMath because of, because of this and you know, you’re really kinda can’t do this.

You know, on Google Trends, you really can’t, I don’t know, it’s just not given me, you know, I never would have found out about RankMath for example, on Google Trends. So I think Exploding Topics, you know, it is a tool that you want to have in your arsenal. If you are doing any kind of SEO content, you want to get in front of any trends or kind of ride the wave. One more cool thing here is this little button you see. So we have regular, that’s like regular growth and then you’ll see, Oh, maybe it’s already peaked. Like it was kinda had a peak here and you can kind of see the peak here and maybe the peak here and it’s not quite catching that. Again. Maybe it’s already peaked and of course, you know, take this with a grain of salt, but it just kinda like, Oh well maybe that’s great.

And then like, Oh, you X writing seems to be growing, growing, growing well. Now they have the little sticker that says exploding. So you’ve got to keep that in mind as well. I haven’t done the research yet to see what gradient and exponent means. I’m just kinda trusting that, that these are kind of, you know, on the right path. But I think that’s a pretty cool thing. So kinda like what you do if you have any stocks and stuff, just kind of compare like, okay, maybe your default view should be one year. It’s like, okay, before you invest time making a piece, maybe you check out the one month, three months, six months, five years, whatever. Just, you know, double-check and make sure it’s not like a seasonality. If you can be the first to create a piece of content about something that’s exploding, it can absolutely be a difference-maker I think for your channel or for your content marketing efforts for your SEO content efforts.

So yeah, would I recommend that you use explodingtopics.com? I mean, it’s kind of a no brainer in my opinion. Especially it’s free and we don’t know how long it will be free. I would imagine it with a lot of people find this valuable. They’ll eventually have a cost associated with it until maybe this could potentially be in one year something. The exact stuff I’m showing you right now that could cost 100 bucks a month. So take advantage of this while it’s free. They’re going to have to monetize it somehow. I mean, it’s using resources. If you see it, especially if it’s getting a lot of traffic, there are going to have to find a way to monetize this, whether with ads or something else. But look at this lead generation kind of slow growth. Maybe it’s peaked, right? Micro-influencers, maybe that’s worth making a video about, but, let me know. Have you tried this? Do you think it’s cool? Do you use Google Trends? I think this is a pretty useful tool and I recommend that you use it. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about how to use this for your content marketing or your video marketing efforts to grow your business or your channel. All right. Throw a like on this video. Share this with your community if you found exploding topics valuable and I’ll see you in the next one.