Monetize Tiktok – Q&A on How to Monetize Tiktok Video Transcript

Sponsor cost probably like I’m talking about life changing, I’m talking about big time money. Well you don’t have to work anymore. You know, you’re going to have to build up your following a lot higher than mine. So maybe sponsor post is just kind of like a little extra money. You can make a lot more money with much less of a following by starting a business. All right, let’s get into some questions about making money on TikTok. But before we do, I mean I’m going to, I know a ton of people are going to ask me this, so I’m just gonna like do a brief rundown of the ways that I’m making money on TikTok. Number one. And the way that I make the most money is offering people coaching slash consulting engagements where I kinda just help work with them to achieve their goals.

You know, this isn’t the way that you have to make money, but like whatever it is that you’re good at, you could help people achieve that. Especially right now with the pandemic going on, like, people need help. Thank you for the shares y’all. That’s awesome. People need a lot of help right now. They’re struggling. Like if you have a way that you can help them from your own home while you’re kind of there, whether it’s doing something for them or just helping them do something that you’re good at. I mean, it could be something like if you’re younger, it could be something like tutoring, tutoring their kid, teaching them over zoom, how to like throw a ball. Do you know what I’m saying? If you’re a little bit older, maybe like you have your degree or whatever. Like for me, I could coach people or just work on their websites very easily from my own home.

I could what I’m doing now is kind of like some, some TikTok coaching, experimenting with TikTok coaching and I am selling it. So I’m making money from that. I’ve, I’ve made money on TikTok doing affiliate marketing, which is like showing a product and saying, Hey, if you want to buy this, use this link. And then I get a commission. There’s a platform that I use called timebox where if people sign up under you and then they start making money, you can make a commission and then you can actually do paid duets and paid song promotions for people who are looking to get more ears and eyes on their content and get good paid that way.

I gave a ass how to unshadowed banned my profile three months, no change. Usually when people say their shadow band, they’re actually not, you’ve got a 50,000 profile, you know, it’s hard to, to kind of diagnose that over a chat. So that might be something you want to bring into my group. If y’all are interested in joining my community chat group going my TikTok bio and if you download that, that guide that I have there, that free guide, you’ll be invited to join my free chat community group where you can ask a little bit more complicated questions like that. The culinary hipster asks, Hey Jeff, I have seen the TikTok favors verticality in an account. Have you heard of it? The reason that it favors verticality is because your followers follow you for a certain reason. And if you kind of go away from that too much before they really care about you or really even recognize you, it can be confusing.

They might end up unfollowing, they may not end up engaging with your content as as well as they should. So that’s kind of how verticality helps. It just kind of doesn’t confuse people. You know, you have a higher chance of your followers engaging with you, which gives you a higher chance of for you pay a success. So that’s, that’s why you want to have verticality. However, you know, as long as 80% of your content is in your vertical, you can kind of play around with it that other 20% and just kind of experiment. And if you find a topic like, like I did that I really like talking about and does pretty well. Like for me it was like talking about the new Orleans saints as my favorite football team.

I noticed the more I, you know, the videos I kind of put up about them and about football, it didn’t really match what the content of this channel. And I like talking about it and a lot of people like watching it. So I was like, all right, let me have a sports channel. So I have Jeff correct sports and I have some other niche accounts like that too. Hopefully that helps. Roman, Bobby. Hey Jeff, what’s up with the views these days? For me, I mean the views seem fine. The views seem fine. You know, honestly I thought, you know, four or five months ago, especially when I first started getting views that things would be a lot lower today than they are. So the organic reach is still here. Still plenty of opportunity left. If you’re not getting views, it’s probably coming down to the fact that people aren’t watching your videos to the end cars with a, have you reached out to any companies for sponsored videos?

If so, how? I reached out to the new Orleans pelicans and it was really, it was really lazy. It was like I wore a new Orleans pelicans shirt and one of my videos and I tagged them and I said, Hey, if you’re looking, I don’t know if you’re looking for somebody to sponsor but, and no response. Bbut no, I haven’t taken it really seriously. I’ve just kinda like thrown a little, a wiffle ball over the fence and, and seeing what happened. But no, I haven’t been serious. My focus right now is helping, you know, my, my paid TikTok consultation, which I’m starting to sell. And that’ll be my, that’ll be my focus. I’m not, you know, sponsored sponsor would be really cool. But I, I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe it’s something to experiment with and of course share my findings with you all, but like how that goes.

One that one that I think maybe I could reach out to. It would be secret lab. You know, I’ve already got this chair and I, I paid about $400 for this chair. Sso I don’t, I don’t anticipate them sending me another chair. I kinda don’t need one unless it would be like for my kids. Which they would love. But like I, you know, it’s just one of those things like what would I do? What would they send me? So maybe I reach out to secret lab and say, look, Hey, what is it that we can, that we can partner up with on here? Cause like it’d be super easy for me to just move my head. And it’s kinda weird that they’re, their brand name is backward. I suppose I could turn my camera around but then I couldn’t see chat. So I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know how much of a, a hurdle that is, you know, what are your biggest questions about making money with TikTok Venus? My post isn’t doing well, although people are watching the whole thing. Should I repost it?

We’ll read that again. So your average Venus is, your average view duration is 100% or higher. Cause if so, usually those posts do pretty well. So I’m wondering, is it like 80%, because 80% can be the difference between a successful video and not successful. Tony, you’re about to do a live stream, some tip. Just get on there and see what happens. See what, see what it is that your, your viewers want to see. Don’t be upset if you don’t get that many people showing up, you know, just be grateful for the people you have. See what they want to talk about, try to keep them entertained. Now that I have a pretty good following, you know, like I get a decent turnout and a lot of questions, a lot activity. So it’s a, you know, it gets easier as you grow. There’s a lot more stuff happening in chat. Irvine entertainment asks, if you don’t post for say a week, will you lose moment ? Will TikTok surprise. I don’t think they’ll suppress. I think, I think your account will lose moment though, just because you know, they’re really, there honestly is, you know, a ticking clock for every TikTok you post now. Delayed explosions certainly happen. Thank you for, thank you. Hint, Dorn, delayed explosions certainly happen.

No, but yeah, I think, I think we can all agree that when you post a TikTok that that clock is ticking and when that clock is up, you know, that post is more or less done. Now there’s certainly exceptions to that rule. They’re certainly delayed explosions. You never can quite predict. But I think you can have a pretty good idea after like a week where a TikTok has kind of landed. But you know, there’s, there’s always like, it seems like every week there’s like a random, and I’m up to like 800 something videos now. There’s always some random video that just gets picked up by the algorithm. It’s like, we’re gonna make this one trend this week. It’s like, Oh, awesome. And I posted that a month and a half ago and totally forgot about it. And you know, it just was like an average performer. So that can always happen. You never can quite predict it.

But, one thing I’ve done is post some old content. Like, like I’ve been doing this for about five months or so now. And, I noticed people aren’t scrolling all the way down my page so I can just take an old piece of content that was good and just repost it and people won’t even don’t think it’s brand new cause they’ve never seen it before. Of course my lighting will be worse cause I have kind of improved it over time. Appreciate it. All the gifts y’all Madison secret TikTok. Have you seen sponsorships on TikTok yet or are brands still staying away from it? if you saw my post, I think last week we saw ,

We saw a TikTok or do a bang energy Instagram style sponsored ad where they just like, I think she was like, it was just like really kind of throw away post. But she has four point something million following and she just took her bang energy. Of course a logo was reversed. She took a sip and then I made her take talk about it. And I also, Oh here’s, here’s a good piece of advice. If you go to Google and you type in average, let’s say TikTok post revenue or something like that, I’m gonna say TikTok, post revenue estimate, estimate, check out post revenue estimate. There’s this website. It’ll be the top thing on Google. It’s tick, it says TikTok money calculator. So if you go to that site and you’re scrolling here, look, I’ll, I’ll actually, let me reverse my camera if I can figure out how.

Okay. All right, so this is the TikTok money calculator. And look, here’s, here’s what I did. I went to Google and I typed in TikTok post revenue estimate, and then I click this and it’ll take you to this website. And if you go there, you can scroll down. You type in your username here and it’ll give you an idea of like how much you could potentially charge for a sponsored post. So they’re saying, you know, I’ve got 52,000 followers, 2 million hearts, 753 posts, man, that’s okay. So I must have 824 including my, my private ones. But look at this, they’re saying that I could be charging $32 to $54 proposed right now. So you can, you can type this in and get an idea of like maybe what you should be charging now, whether or not you get, that probably comes down to how, how savvy you are at negotiating and like what kind of opportunities you’re getting. But yeah, $32 to $54 a post. Now keep in mind I have 50, 50,000 followers and, and that’s a pretty decent compared to a lot of people who are asking me for help, especially, you know, that’s a pretty decent, following and still it’s not that much proposed.

So, you know, take it with a grain of salt. But I guess my point is if you’re looking to make real money sponsored post, probably like I’m talking about life changing, I’m talking about big time money where you don’t have to work anymore. You know, you’re going to have to build up your following a lot higher than mine. So maybe sponsored post is just kind of like a little extra money. You can make a lot more money with much less of a following by starting a business around your passion or about whatever you make TikToks about. So you know I’ve made way more than that just from like offering TikTok coaching, TikTok consulting, kind of the same thing. Different way to say saying the same thing

Okay, so hopefully that makes sense. Easiest way to make money is to start a small business, a very simple business around the type of content that you make. Even if you have like a comedy channel, you’re like, Hey, I’ll work with you and helped you be funnier. So like your classmates laugh at you and you know I charge you, I charge you 15 bucks a month or something like that. That’s very simple. How to get the live option a, you have to, you have to have a thousand followers and you have to be 16 or older and I don’t know exactly how to figure out how old you are. I know they asked you your birthday sometimes, but not always because we are created a new account that it has the birthday. What would you, which I thought was weird or did they, they might’ve never, you gotta be 16 or older and have a thousand followers, cars with babe asks, what do you think about apparel businesses on TikTok? Well, an apparel business is an apparel business and then TikTok is a potential way you can market it. I think it’s a good way to market it. I think it’s probably the best way to market it, especially if you don’t have money and you just want to create content around the business, around the products. Yeah, I would definitely use TikTok to market an apparel business right now.

And that’s just one, one marketing tactic of many. You know, one of the ones that I like to employ is search engine optimization. That’s the idea of getting, getting higher up on Google. You know, there’s paid ads which are very expensive and is kind of expensive to unless you’re doing every single thing yourself. And then you got your Facebook paid ads. You know, YouTube has paid ads, Instagram, paid ads, Google paid ads, all that stuff. And that’s kind of expensive, but it’s also very quick. So it just kinda depends on your budget. But I think like if you’re just getting started, I would just pick up the camera and just show people the process. Like Gary Vaynerchuk says like doc ent your process. Like if you just pick up your camera and say, Hey, I’m going to start an apparel business.

I’ve never done this before. I’ve never started a business before, but I want you to be a part of it. I want your feedback and I want to take you along for the ride. That’s a ten second video right there, which I think would, we’d get a lot of people excited. And then when it comes time to actually sell it, you’re going to have a bunch of people like following your story and be like, actually like that. And I actually want to order this guy. I want to support this guy. And on top of that really kind of like the product. So, that’s the kind of opportunity I see for an apparel brand on TikTok. If I missed your question, please ask it again because I’m getting a lot of messages. All right. Therapy many. How can I promote my mini horse therapy business on TikTok? Great question. All right. So many horse therapy, especially right now, right? Like in the middle of everything.

Well, so hopefully you have some kind of video already. That’s probably where I’d start and I, I don’t know if it’s the kind of thing you can even do right now, maybe, maybe horse, maybe horse therapy is that, is this the kind of thing you can do right now? But I would have like videos of you doing whatever the therapeutic process of to the horse, maybe showing the aftermath. Maybe. Maybe it’s the kind of thing where like the horse, the mini horse is very upset and then you make them calm. It’s like this horse is very upset. We did this and now they’re comb. It’s like, that’s the kind of thing that could, like I think it could blow up on TikTok, especially if it’s very visually like satisfying cause people, people flipping through there for you page and first of all, they’re not expecting to see a horse. , but if it’s a mini horse that’s even, that’s even more like, Oh man, some of these people may have not even seen a mini horse before. So it’s like, the heck is that. And then you’re like, you know, maybe all you see his hands like a POV or I don’t know if it’s the thing you do with your hands or not, but and then it’s like, and then you got to worry about like the location part of it. So, so if you’re doing online mini horse therapy,

You know, the location isn’t as important as if you were doing it like hands on. But if, but there is some, there’s some big, I think local business opportunity here on TikTok cause a lot of people have noticed if you, if you type in hashtags of a certain area, location, city, state, country, you know, especially if it’s your, your own country, you can get a lot of attraction. And just because people enter, interact with like for me, like hashtag Louisiana, I live in Louisiana. So hashtag Louisiana I get a lot of Louisiana chat on my, , on my 40 page. , and I suspect as TikTok grows, it’ll get more and more like my actual city, my actual small little area, I think it’s going to get more and more of that as TikTok Rose. You know, as of right now I’m probably one of the only people in my city who’s even on tip top. So, , yeah, so I think local business has a big opportunity here on TikTok and I think that, , you can take your business national or even international by doing online coaching via zoom. And maybe if it’s the hand on kind of trainings or some kind of thing that you would normally do yourself, maybe you could teach other people. It’s like, all right, put your hand on the neck and go back and forth like this while speaking into his other, you know, whatever it is.

Lucy asks, how do I get more than one K lines for being a female footballer? 1k likes is like a goal for you, for your channel. I don’t know where you’re at right now. Let’s say you’re at a hundred likes. , you know, I’ve got a guide in my bio that has that kind of details. Just kind of like basic strategy. , I think it’s, I think it’s not so hard to understand what the basic strategy is. I think the thing that a lot of people struggle with is like implementing that basic strategy on a daily basis. That’s the, that’s the thing that I think I’m really going to be able to help people with who are paying me to consult and coach with them. , so it’s like, all right, people have said four posts per day. Okay, easy. I told you that and now you understand it. But what a lot of people struggle with is actually doing four posts per day.

You know, they get inside their own head. They kind of feel like they don’t know what to post about. They feel uncomfortable on camera, they’re not happy with their lighting, they’re not happy with their background, they’re not happy with, you know, little little nitpicky thing and then they just kind of shut down. Or maybe they’re just, they look at their n bers and they get discouraged because they just don’t believe it’s going to happen for them. So they go two days posting, next thing, you know, two week without posting. , and so I think, so I think following the basic strategy and the guide in my bio, if you can do it every day would be enough to get you one K likes and probably a month.

Oh. And that’s another thing. When I say the word month, I think a lot of you shut down. This isn’t going to happen in a day. It’s not going to happen in three days. It’s probably not gonna happen in a week. I mean it might, you might get lucky, you might just nail it, but a lot of people need a little bit more time. So you’ve got to like be willing like alright, are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals here on TikTok cause that’s what it’s going to take. It’s not going to take a week. It’s going to take months of it probably. And then boom, boom, boom. And then you just, next thing you know you hit one and you’re, you’re at a million views, a quarter million likes and maybe not a quarter million but whatever, 100,000 likes and then everything changes.

Barack vet says, Jeff, how can I get brand deals without brands reaching out? I got good engagement and views so I’m not the biggest expert on this. But what I would w what I’ve heard is the best way to go about it is just any brands that you’re already showing in your videos. Like for me, it might be secret lab, which is this a I keep, I keep giving them exposure, I need to reach out to them. But, but just, just for the point of this, like secret lab might be one I would reach out to just because I’m, I’m already kind of showing them and let’s say y’all have seen this, right? This is what Brian does is I don’t even know Arctic or something like that. Yeti. It’s the one, it’s the knockoff Yeti Ozark trail or something like that. So maybe I can reach out to them and be like, yo, hook me up with like a nice t bler or something like that.

Or ideally actually get paid. Right. Cause I don’t need another template. I got a template. I need money. I don’t need it. But cause I’ve got a, I’ve got a business that’s doing pretty good, but yeah, but getting paid to show, they’re like, yo, I’ll do this when I drink instead of hide the logo. I’ll show you a logo and maybe maybe hype you up if you pay me this much a month or something like that. You know, that’s the kind of thing, like it’s the most natural fit now. I’ve, I’ve gotten a bunch of companies reaching out to me about like potentially doing a brand deal, but it was always, it was never a company that I was like really excited about. It was always a company that was like, well, this is kind of a product I wouldn’t use. Like something about like, what was that one? It was like a teeth whitener or something. It was just like some random stuff like some kind of weird like headphones or something like, just, you know, ideally it’s something that you actually use and then it’s a really natural fit.

And I think if there was any brands watching this right now, feel free to reach out to me. I’m open to, I’m open to see what’s out there. Yeah, I’ve gotten, I’ve gotten a couple, more than I’ve gotten probably seven or eight videos over a million views and one up to 16,000,001 over 4 million. I’m sorry, 17 million. But who’s counting? Tammy says, why doesn’t take talk value engagement according to that website? I have 143% engagement. That sounds, yeah, I dunno how they calculate it. I mean, you probably have a pretty small account. It’s the bigger your account gets, the harder it is to maintain your engagement. So take probably does value engagement, I mean, yeah, of course. Of course.TikTok values engagement, but it’s like being your engagement versus like a similar size person. So it’s, so it’s a relative thing. It’s relative to people in your own, , like follower account I guess. So they’re going to be comparing me to people with 52,000 followers and they’re comparing you to however many follow where’s you have.

I might Michael see you later, man. , Clayton asked, does the FYP actually work? No. I’ve been saying that for months. FYI, hashtag FYP doesn’t really do anything for you. I think that if you pick another hashtag that’s more relevant to the content, it’ll be better because hashtag FYP takes up room in your caption slash description that you could be using for something more relevant. Relevant hashtags are going to tell the algorithm what your video is about and suggested to the right people who are going to engage, watch all the way through rewatch, comment, share and hashtag FYP is just going to waste space in your TikTok description and in caption because it’s kind of meaningless.

Ooma versus the world. I have 86% engagement, good or bad. I don’t know. I wouldn’t trust that engagement figure. That’s just, this is just some website. They probably just do it together. They probably just take like the n ber of hearts divided by the n ber of like views. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t trust that engagement figure. I would worry more and more about your engagement on a video by video basis and compete against yourself. Try to get all your, , comment into one single comment. It just makes it a little easier on me. All right. Marco asks, random question. One video of mine had an average of 18 second views out of 26 and a 15% engagement rate. Where are y’all getting these per video engagement rates? That’s what I want to know. That that’s not something that, , that’s not something that shows up in analytics is it?

It stopped at three K. all right, well, 18 out of 26, let’s say, let’s, let’s take 18 and divide that by 26 and we’ll get your, we’ll get your engaged. We’ll get your, , view complete average view duration percentage. So 18 divided by, , 26, 69%. So that’d be like 70% or 69% of people watched it all the way through, or people, people on average. Why 69% of your video? All right, so, , you know, if that n ber would have been maybe 80 to 90 to a hundred percent, it probably would’ve done a lot better than three. K probably comes down to that. Now, the longer your video is, the more flexible they get with like, like you don’t have to, you don’t have to be near 100% if your video is longer. , but of course just getting people to like, let’s just say your videos like 60 seconds. If you can get people to stay for 45 seconds, that’s pretty good. , but if your video shorter like 10 to 20 seconds, you probably need a lot closer to a hundred. Hopefully that makes sense.

What’s up Ben? What’s that final case? , alright. Is that boo ass? Does bad comments on videos? Make them stop showing them the FYP? Well you can’t, you can’t really control bad comments. I mean you can report a bad comment, but like what do you mean by bad comment? I mean, are you talking about negativity? Are you talking about against community guidelines? Like probably not cause that’s not something that’s under your control. So I wouldn’t worry too much about that. But I mean if, if, if something’s against community guidelines definitely report it. Clayton, if you’re trying to get on the 40 page n ber one thing you need to focus on in the beginning is getting people to watch to the end. A lot of people would make in 15 second videos when they should be making like eight second videos shorter. Your video is the easier it is for people to watch to the end, but don’t make it too short.

Like I would say, try not to go under eight seconds. I think eight seconds is a nice, a nice thing where it’s like long enough where people don’t have to, it’s not so hard to keep people watching to the end, but it’s not so short because longer videos that engage people to the end are better than shorter videos. They get people to engage to the end. My point is a five second video with a 100% average view duration is not as good as an eight second video with an average view duration of 100% does that make sense?

I’ve got my best tips for getting on the FYP on my TikTok bio. I’ve put together a, what I call the ultimate guide to TikTok growth. You can get that for free. It’s got all my best tips. If you follow that, if you follow that, you should be able to get a thousand followers in a few months max. , but it’s going to take work like this isn’t, this isn’t like there’s no shortcut to success. , just follow the plan and you should be fine and get feedback. A lot of people like stare to ask for feedback. I created a little a chat group and you’ll get an invite to this chat group community if you, , if you download my guide, but I, I have a whole section in there where you can like ask people to look at your content and you can look at their content and give advice and guess what?

Next thing you know, you’ve got yourself a friend. You got somebody who’s like really interested in your content, who’s willing to support you. And next thing you know you’re doing collaborations together. That’s the kind of community that I’m fostering. We’re not doing that follow for follow hype up stuff or just doing like, look, let’s make some friends. Let’s, let’s look at each other’s content, give advice because content is King and if we don’t have good content, there’s no chance where we’re going to grow to the point that we’re actually able to make some decent money.

The seven plies on average, how much do you make from going live on TikTok? , I don’t make a whole lot from going live on TikTok. You know, I do get gifts pretty much every time I stream. , I don’t even know how much I make, you know, probably not a, not a ton, but that’s okay. I’m not doing lives to make money. I’m doing lives to provide value to my community and, , you know, if they, if people want to give me a gift, that’s great and I super appreciate it. But, , yeah, I my my method of making money, , and I do have free options available, but like people who want a higher level of help can engage with me and pay me to, , to work directly with them or in a small group setting to help them grow their TikTok. Thank you for the Panda. Appreciate that. How do you get on the 40 page?

I feel like I just answered this three times in a row, but you got to get people to watch to the end of your video. And the easiest way to do that is to enable promoed that’s settings manage my account enabled promoed and then , you’ll be able to see per video how long people are watching and it needs to be 100% or close to, it.

Doesn’t 100% have to be, but it helps a ton. What do I do for a living? I run a business called SEOak where we work with, I think we had 23, 24, 25 brands that we work with to help them get higher up on Google to , you know, so that when people are searching for what it is that they offer, they show up at the top. So we have to do, , certain things to their website. We have to create authority content for their website and we have to, , optimize their Google mind. This my business listing, which is kind of like your Google maps listing. And we also have to help them get inbound links, which are links from other websites that point to their websites, which tell Google they’re kind of an authority. So, you know, I make a living from understanding algorithms.

So I think that helped me with TikTok, just kind of like get a headstart on how the algorithm probably works. SEO. Yeah, it’s what it is. SEO, Venus, none of my viral videos have a lot of people watching to the end. Is that weird? So when you are, when you’re looking at a viral video that’s kind of old, keep in mind your statistics are going to be skewed by the fact that the video is mature. So you really do want to be looking at a new video at about the 24 hour Mark to like 48 hour Mark cause that’s going to give you a good idea of like what’s really going on. The longer video exists on ticktack, it’s going to be showed to a more broad and more broad audience until it eventually craps out. Like people are going to stop engaging with it. It’s going to drag down all the statistics to a point where it looks like you look at the , the promoed analytics for that video and it’s going to be like, Oh wow, this video performed poorly. How did they blow up? Well, you know, all the bad engagement from the broader audience actually dragged it down to a point where it doesn’t even look like it’s a good video. So that’s probably what you’re saying.

Hopefully that makes sense. how often should you be posting? I think about four times a day would be great. The shadow man really exists. How does it work? Usually when people say their shadow band, they’re just PR, they uploaded a couple of bad videos in a row. , yeah. Or you know, something in the description and caption or something that can really drag them in a video. , like if you have something potentially offensive, it’s really random sometimes. So I would look at everything on a, on a video by video basis. If you are getting below way below average views on a video like way below average, I would upload it with a different description and if that fails I would upload it with no description. So if you look at the little story that the little storyliner had on Monday or Tuesday when my daughter’s birthday, so we did that, we did the dance video, I said, and you know, uploaded the dance video of my two daughters and I said, Hey, it’s my, my daughter’s 12th birthday. I’ve got my other daughter in there. And I tagged them both. , and then I posted it and then within like two hours, like two or three hours, that post was kind of like behind the scenes removed and I knew that cause I went to , and I’m going to show you all this real quick

How to figure this out, but I went to tick and I say y’all should be able to see this. So if you go to your thing and you could just go like this,, forward slash app, write this down.

Wait, where’s that symbol at? And then your username you want, you want to do this whenever you feel like one of your videos is getting shafted, you’ll be able to pull up your account and then you’ll, you’ll be able to see if any of your videos are possibly on him about what’s going on. The website is loading slowly. Let me try to refresh. There might be something going on with the weather.

So right now, let me try one of my other accounts. All right, so something’s going on with the website right now. This almost always works. Let me try another account. Maybe. Yeah, there’s almost definitely something going on. Let me just start, Charlie. Surely the Charlie works. Charlie d my. Leo.

Okay. Or even Charlie’s having problems. So, we’ll try that later. But that’s, that’s it. So it’s for slash and then you’re at yours, her name. I don’t know if you ever see that, that good, but, so my point is if you go there and you, , and you’re getting, you feel like you’re getting shafted for one of your pieces of content and that content is not there, well then go, TikTok has removed it from public viewing or even, you know, friends or anything like that. So if one of your videos views, just drop off, do you want to be checking the website to make sure, because it happened. So they won’t give you a notification, they’ll just remove your video and then it’s gone. And then you’ll just be sitting there wondering. So it’s kinda like, it’s kinda shady by TikTok. But it’s something they do and I don’t know what the reasoning is. It’s kinda like,

I dunno. I don’t know. It’s kind of lame, but it is, I’m teaching y’all a tactic that y’all can use, , because when it does happen in my experience, it’s usually something in the description. I know. Yeah. All right. I wish, I, I wish I could tell you all more, but it’s just weird. Super shady. Exactly.

Joshua says, I just hit 30,000 thanks to you. I post three times a day if possible. Dude, b p that up to four. Congratulations though, man. 30 K’s a big deal. A lot of people here would love to be anywhere near 30 K so congratulations. And, you see what I’m saying? Like knowing what to do is not that hard. I’ve been saying it for months. I’ve got, I’ve got that free guide actually doing it every day. That’s where people struggle. So that’s where, that’s where my coaching and consulting services come in. Like, I’m going to help you actually do these things, and help you get over those mental roadblocks that get in the way. Like people tell me, how could I possibly ever do four posts per day?

They don’t always have to be like your Primo, awesome, best content. It could be a duet. Duets are very easy and could be potentially produced in less than a minute. , including your description. Like, yeah, you want to add, you don’t want to do like a, like a lame thing. But if you use your brain like for me, duets, you know, I, I take something, I see where there’s a lesson, I do edit and then I put a little, some text bubbles over with my lesson. Boom, very quick piece of content.

I take a preexisting video sometimes and I and I slice it up and make a ticktack out of it. Boom content, you know what I’m saying? So it doesn’t always have to be some big planned production to get to four per post per day. , and sometimes you just need to pick up the pickup the camera and start talking like people. Really my first ever viral issue vid, which got maybe like 20,000 and it was a huge deal at the time cause I had never hit one, but I just picked up the camera and I said something a little bit controversial, but it was my opinion at the time. I was a little bit, upset about, , something that happened in the NFL where like a guy had swung his helmet at another guy and I thought, Hey NFL kicked this dude out of the league. And I knew it was a little bit controversial and I knew I’m phrasing it like that would get some attention. But, and you know, certainly it did. So that helped.

Thank you for the shares everybody. So four quality videos a day is difficult. So it doesn’t always have to be, my quality doesn’t necessarily mean production quality. I can just be like a little idea. TikTok really favors like a really unlike a, unlike a YouTube video where you’ve got to like have this whole thing fleshed out. Literally it’s all it take talk video has to be as one small, tiny idea. So if you have like a bunch of ideas potentially it could be like a bunch of individual TikTok videos. So you don’t, you know, if y’all are having trouble, let me know what kind of videos you make and maybe I can give you some ideas on like how you can get more content out of it.

Yeah. By the way, if you’re here late, I’m going to be putting this whole thing on my, on my YouTube channel so you can come follow me there. The link is in my bio to come follow me on TikTok. Thank you Josh.

People that are in my group chat asking questions like, yo, hop on the phone, hop on the live man. What are y’all doing? Come on, come on. If you want to join my group chat. , if you download the link in my bio, my, my ultimate guide to TikTok road, you’ll be invited to join my, my take tech growth community. , it’s not one of those follow for follow engagement ponds. It’s a, it’s a group for people to kind of exchange ideas and, give feedback on each other’s content. And that kind of thing. Is it okay to post more than 10 in a day? Yes as long as it’s a, you know, the ideas are good, the production quality looks good, I think you’ll grow faster than someone who posts for, to be honest with you.

But I would also experiment to just make sure that people are engaging with your content. People are watching all the way to the end. I feel like, I feel like it can get, it can give you a leg up if you post more than four nursing ideas. Okay. So Josh, the nurse nursing idea, so you make nurse content. ,

I guess it depends on your target audience. Like who are you trying to talk to? I guess people in the nursing industry, people who are aspiring nurses. I’m sure there’s a lot of lessons, like mini lessons that could be, that could be done around the pandemic and all the people who are struggling with all the different things that come along with COVID 19. So I would, I mean there’s just, I’m sure there’s just on a single, every day. I mean, there’s stories, stories, like many stories. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Like, Hey, you know, this person’s really upset right now about, the fact that their family can’t visit them just because their family can’t come to a hospital. And, they had me, you know, reach out to them with a message and this is how they responded. So, you know, just, I just wanted to share that with you.

I’ll just be grateful, you know, that kind of thing I think could do well and, and resonate with people. Sub Shelley asked, is TikTok growth easier if you’re attractive? Yeah, I mean, look at me, I’m at 50 K so I mean, I know I’m probably one of the best looking guy on T. I’m just joking. I don’t, I don’t, yeah, probably, you know, visual appearance I think is extremely important andit makes it easier, but you know, you don’t have to be like, like a model looking person to succeed on ticktack. There’s plenty of people who, who kind of show that to me, the case. , but I think that if you can implement some, some visual aesthetics into your toxic can help, it can give you a leg up. , you know, I started experimenting with some virtual green screen backgrounds that make it look like in some crazy little room even though I’m not, but you know, one of those videos blew up to like 1,000,002 million, 2.3 million views. I was also dropping some awesome knowledge, but it kind of added that visual appeal. So I’d be experimenting with that more and more,

Junk where I don’t know how to pronounce your name. John is here. Is it okay to delete private videos if they aren’t in your niche and you took them down? I wouldn’t worry too much about that man. Just leave him up dude. I got like 700 something videos and probably 30% aren’t in my niche and it doesn’t really matter. , once you get to a certain point, people aren’t going to scroll down that far down your page. People ask me questions all the time. , that I answered like a week ago and a tank top, it’s like, y’all really don’t scroll. Do you? So don’t expect anybody to scroll more than like five or 10 videos. Cause they just, they don’t, a few people do and they’re the real heroes. Thank you for the love. Bang double three. Woo.

Scotty hubs says deleting videos and making them private. Don’t make a difference. Yeah. I mean, I’d like to know how, you know that, , it’s certainly possible. , you know, I could, I could, I could probably get on board with that and just,

I feel like profiting a video is a little bit safer because people have said deleting videos can have a negative influence in your account. I don’t know how they, they say they know that I personally don’t delete unless I personally just private. Just, just why not? I mean, who cares? So I just private instead of delete just in case, , you know, whether it’s deleted or private, it really doesn’t matter. And, what I’ve been doing now, if, if TikTok wants to remove my content behind the scenes without giving me a notification, I don’t even bother deleting it. I actually left my two that I was dancing with my daughters, the two, the first two were removed without a notification from TikTok cause I went to the website and it wasn’t there and I’m just leaving them up. I’m not even privateering and I’m not deleting them. I’m just going to leave them up as an experiment. And of course I’m going to share that, those findings with you, part of me wonders, are they going to put that video back up one day? Is that something that they might do? And I’ve heard they’ve done that before. So they took down two videos. I’m not private and I’m not deleting them. I’m just leaving it in there. They’re not showing up for other people, but I can see them. So we’ll see what happens with those.

Isabel asks, what time is the best time to post? I’m doing an experiment right now. Like last night I posted very late at like 1:00 AM my time and I woke up this morning and hit, had terrible views. So I posted it again. I bought an hour, yeah, about an hour ago. So we’re going to compare. So when I posted last night and I woke up, it had 2200 views. , I have a feeling it might already be over that and I wish I had a way to check. Let me see.

well, yeah, I don’t know. Well, we’ll check. But, you know, I’m continuously experimenting with different ideas and stuff like that. But I think that, , as long as your, since since your TikToks have an expiration date, as soon as you post them for when the most, the most likely chances for them to blow up, just try to post at a time when you know your target audience is going to be awake because right now is a little different. We’re not doing school. People are staying up later. They’re waking up later. , so like if your target audience is 13 and 14 year old boys, they’re probably staying up all night, played Fortnite and call of duty. So you might want to wait until like noon to post, you know, just depends on your target audience and when they’re going to be awake. It’s at 977. Yeah. Cause, yeah. So that, that makes sense. That’s, you know, whatever we’ll say. I think it’s gonna surpass the, the other one. But if not, you know, I’ll know that

it does. E-way says I broke TikTok. I can make your videos gain 200 views. Plus I don’t, I don’t do any shifty stuff. And then I’m doing an experiment that I want just like natural data for a, and I don’t, I don’t like, I don’t want to get penalized for that kind of stuff anyway. I don’t recommend that kind of stuff. , I blew up from TikTok. Congratulations Justin, the Bradley Marcus. Great question. Is TikTok just full of kids? The answer is no. I’m not a kid. So, , there’s certainly more and more adults. I’m seeing people my age from the Facebook community start to migrate over here.

I think we’re going to see a lot more adults. 30, 40, 50, 60, , over the next six to 12 months we’re going to see a lot more calm. , I think full at full fledged adoption, like Instagram style adoption, you know, probably a couple of years away. , but I, I think it’ll happen cause you know, if people get as addicted as me, I think that, , people will start to like the platform. If you want somebody to, at your content, I recommend

downloading the guide in my TikTok bio. You’ll be invited to my group where you can get feedback on your content from the community there.

Do I have TikTok pro turned on? , yes. Have I heard a bite? Yes. I’ve done a few videos on bite here on TikTok and bite. I think, , I was really missing the music aspect of TikTok. , they don’t really have the music. It’s more like, just like little, little repeating, , clips. I just didn’t find that was that as addicting as TikTok. And on top of that, they’ve really fallen down since launch on the app store in terms of like how many people are downloading it. So I think we wait on bike. But they do have some interesting stuff like

The monitor they have monetization off the bat. , so that could be cool. , but you know that that kind of monetization is not the kind of thing where you really make a lot of money from, just like YouTube, you don’t really make a ton of money off YouTube, like life changing. Quit your job, money off YouTube until you have a crazy amount of subscribers until you know, that’s why, that’s why I recommend people when we’re talking about making money, don’t depend on a, on a YouTube or tick to like pay you good money. You gotta like you gotta think outside the box and have some kind of offer. Like what is that you’re good at? Can you start a business? Can you start a brand? So I recommend starting a business where you can have people pay you to help them achieve their goal, whatever it is. I’m the guy who mentioned nursing earlier. Maybe you have some kind of course on like surviving nursing, nursing school, , and like, what’s the, what’s your best tips for that and helping people like achieve their goals on that front. Don Bavaro says you use TikTok as a lead gen for an existing business. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. , I’ve got my existing business, you know, I’m doing TikTok consulting, but I’m also meeting a bunch of people who are a great fit for my SEO services too.

And that’s honestly, that’s the best way to make money. Start a business and you just TikTok to, , meet potential customers and clients. That’s the best way to make money with TikTok. What phone brand is better for TikTok? I don’t know. I’ve only used iPhone and it works fine. How do I revive a dead account? A post four times a day? How do you get TikTok to sponsor you? I’ve never seen anyone tick test sponsor, sponsor. I mean, sponsored by TikTok like even Charlie.

I mean, have we seen anybody sponsored by ticktack? It’s not, it’s not TikTok you sponsors you, it’s it’s brands that wants to get in front of your audience. So like if you have a huge following of like 12 to 15 year old girls because you’re like a, a handsome young man or whatever, , you might get a brand who sells to that audience. Maybe it’s like a, like a fashion brand for, for teenage girls or something like that. And maybe it’s like, Hey, I don’t wear this stuff. But like, I would think it was really cute if a girl wore this, they might be like, Ooh, I don’t know.

Isabella science says my vis don’t do very well for the first 10 minutes and then they go crazy and then they stop. , yeah, the first few minutes are typically, , TikTok just like feeling you out there, scanning your content, trying to see if you have any kind of contraband in there that’s against their community guidelines. , they’re also probably monitoring comments for any kind of potential shadiness. , they’re monitoring I think. I think what they normally do is show it to your followers first. And that’s why I recommend not doing follow for follow is because those first few people are typically your followers. I think it’s hard to know cause we don’t have analytics for the first 24 hours. But , I think it goes out to your followers first. It’s kind of like a test and then if it does well with your followers and kind of goes out to the for you page and, but if you have follow for follow up like fake followers and then they’re not going to care about your content, so they’re just going to swipe past it cause it’s kind of probably not that good. Hate to say it. , and then it’s probably gonna flop on the like not go to the 40 page or not go to the [inaudible] page very often, very long.

What’s the algorithm of blue tick? I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you’re talking about the blue check Mark, well that’s, you gotta be verified for that. And the way to get verified is to become famous. And if you’re looking for how to become famous, , get a lot of followers on social and if you’re looking for a lot of followers on social. Just a, I don’t know, do what I’m doing post a lot, post good content as often as you can.

Are influencer agencies good option for TikToker? I don’t really, I’m not that familiar with influencer agencies. What does that like somebody who sits between the influencer and the brand and kind of gets them deals? I would be very wary because you probably not going to be getting many deals unless you have a decent following. Like I can’t imagine somebody with 3000 followers having probably potentially sign their rights away for life like early on and then, and then they blow up and you know what I mean? It’s just like, I don’t know, it just depends.

It’s not, I don’t want to speak on it too much and it’s not something I’m not familiar with. Is it okay to use in-app video filter version versus another app like in shot? I would say just use, use the in-app whenever possible. Use the TikTok app to do your editing if you can. I think there’s more trust when you do that. Less hoops for the, for the processing and evaluation system of TikTok to j p through to share your content. What are your biggest questions about TikTok growth? Getting more followers and making money with TikTok, that kind of thing. Put them in chat. If I missed your question earlier, feel free to post it again.

How many hashtags should I use proposed? I would recommend filling and filling up the box and it’ll give you the best longterm growth. The reason why you’ll be telling TikTok what your content is about. And then anybody who engages with content that has similar hashtags will be eventually showing your content because they’re the best fit. And that’s why we use relevant hashtags and not irrelevant hashtags. Irrelevant hashtags are things like hashtag FYP hashtag for you page hashtag XYC CBA hashtag and then whatever else is trending that doesn’t have anything to do with your content. Are TikTok and YouTube competitors? Yeah. In a way they are competitors. They’re competing for the same attention. They can both peacefully coexist because YouTube is better at longer form content and TikTok is better at shorter form content. However, I am starting to see more 62nd videos do well on YouTube. , you know, we’re, we’re, there’s so many things competing for our time these days. There it’s like people don’t want to necessarily sit there for a 10 to 40 minute video anymore. , so, you know, I think we’re going to start seeing videos, shorter video content, do better.

Can I look at your stuff right now I’m only looking at people’s content and accounts as part of a paid engagement, but, , , maybe, maybe something I can experiment with and I can’t do it today cause the website isn’t loading. It’s looking at people’s like online, maybe loading on people’s account, did the TikTok website. But right now the tech, something’s wrong with the website, but maybe that is something I can do on these lives and that can add some value tips for minimizing head shine. I don’t have any tips. I just, I just go natural. My head isn’t that, I don’t know, maybe something that you’re lining. Does my head look shiny? I don’t know.

Thank you. Fat cat. What should I do if I want to post an English but my country isn’t Anglophone? I want to reach more people just post in English and see what happens. , there’s, there’s a trick. I’m a, I made a TikTok about this last week that somebody alerted me of where apparently if you use a VPN and remove your SIM card, you can switch your like base country that you’re being posted to. So, , if you really, really don’t want to be involved with your own country, you can change your, , thing that way. I don’t know. I’ve never tried it cause I’m happy with my default audience. But if that is something you can experiment with, , but just know that you could maybe have some negative things happen to your account if you do that stuff. What do I consider a big TikTok account, Charlie Addison? And there’s a huge, your advice is the best. Thank you, bud.

Virgo asked if my account was previously private. Does that jeopardize anything? No, because my account was previously private and I’m growing. I don’t think so. I’s Mandy says if I got a SIM card from an English speaking country, would it work? Oh, you could. Yeah, that’s another way. , I said another way that I’ve heard, I don’t, I don’t want to sit there and say it. It’s not something that I really struggle with, so I haven’t tried it. But I have heard people say, just use the SIM card from a country you want to get in front of.

Should I keep reposting Lino? Well, it depends. Why do you want to keep reposting? , I personally repost one a video. I know a video can do better. Like I feel very strongly that a video can do better. I’ll repost. So I’ll private the original and then I’ll post it again and I’ll just take it out of the camera roll yet it has the watermarks. But who cares? So that’s when I’ll repost. , I’ll also repost when they take a video down behind the scenes. Like, if I go to my, my page on and I see that they’ve removed it, you’ve know, they haven’t told me anything on the app about it. I’ll repost it in that case too. Well, tuck talk be monetized in the future. No one knows the answer to that. My, my thinking is probably because supposedly what had killed vine and the old in the old days is lack of monetization that hurt the platform because a lot of people wanted to go to YouTube because they can get paid from YouTube. So TikToks smart, they’ll figure out the monetization before another, a competitor does.

Lino says TikTok doesn’t even tell you when they were it, why they were moving is sometimes they do. I don’t like certain ones that I’ve gotten. Like I was, I felt like I was coming to somebody’s defense who was getting bullied. So I guess I bullied, I bullied the person who was doing the bullying and then they pulled down my video for bullying. So, I don’t know.

And they said it too, and I appealed it and they said no. So I was like, whatever. So you do, you do have to watch your P’s and Q’s a little bit or your tick for years wacky right now. No, I don’t think so. I think they’re understandable. How bright should you set a ring light at? Well, in this current lighting, let’s see if I can experiment with my ring light. Okay. So this is my kind of low setting. If I, you’ll see if I set it too bright, I don’t know, does it look a lot better? Because it’s kind of annoying. So you kinda, you kinda gotta balance like, all right, what is, what is comfortable for my eyes where I’m not feeling like I’m uncomfortable. But also you got to watch now this, this lighting, I’m letting a lot of external light into this room, but if it was nighttime, there would be a shadow behind my head that I’d be looking at.

But like, so this is, this is all the way low and this is all the way high. So right in the middle. It’s kind of like natural for my eyes and I don’t have to, I don’t have to feel uncomfortable. So I think this is a good middle. So it just kinda depends play around, see what’s natural and comfortable for your eyes. Do I do reviews? , right now I’m only reviewing content as part of a paid engagement, which is I have the private coaching and I have the group coaching. And then if you’re looking for feedback where I’d start, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in, like getting help from me, I would, hop in my group, which you can access by downloading the guide in my bio. And then I’ve got a whole section to, ask the good members of our community for feedback. It’s a good way to make friends and network they’ve had a lot of success stories come out of there. I am instinctual ass analytics shows me how a male to female percentage, how do I find out the age range breakdown? Well, they don’t give you that data probably because most of the younger people are lying about their age. So, , they probably don’t want to open up that can of worms. Why do people say removing a video is viewed as bad?

Probably someone, you know, there’s a, the telephone game happens with TikTok. People say they talk to a TikTok employee and mysteriously they don’t say the person’s name and people take that as fact and there’s kind of a lot of misinformation. , I don’t know for sure that removing a video is bad, but in my opinion, private in it gets rid of the video publicly. Same as deleting it. So I just private it and if there is something with deleting, it will then,

There you go. That’s how I can avoid that. So I say pro just private your video, just in case it doesn’t really hurt you other than kind of being annoying when you’re scrolling through your videos. But you should have so many videos where you don’t see that every day. Can you get round your pick appearing in the disc when reposting, I guess when you’re, what are you trying to get to show up there? Cause if you are using trending audio, it should pick that up. Like if you’re using a trending song and should pick that up so it shouldn’t be your picture should be the artist picture. Makin man Scilla says, can you get leads on top? If so, how has the best way, yeah, you certainly can. You can do what I’m doing Mac. Put a free guide in your TikTok bio and then people will download it and then they’ll become a lead because you have their email address and you can reach out to them at that point.

So that’s how you can, generate leads from TikTok. Another way is if you don’t have that and don’t feel like putting that together, just say, Hey, reach out to me via email. If you’re interested in X, that’s something you could do. Like in the next 30 seconds, laser beam says, do you work in social marketing or is this your hobby? Well, I’ve been in digital marketing for 20 years. Social is the TikTok kind of started as a hobby and now I’m trying to start, , seeing what I can do in terms of business. I do have a, an established successful business where we help companies do SEO, , which is a type of marketing and I think TikTok is another thing that I can offer. And I, and I have been, so I’ve got people signing up for, I’ve got individual coaching consulting and I’ve got group coaching consulting and I’ve got a free group chat for people who are looking for some help who don’t really have any money to invest in a higher level of help from me right now. So I’ve really got something for everybody. So, , I’m excited to be able to help people even if they’re just getting started with, with having a business and stuff like that.

I don’t really do shout outs, man. And like I said, I at he just stop thinking like a shout out. We’ll, we’ll help you that much like a shoutout might get you a couple of followers, maybe, maybe max a couple thousands, which would be cool in theory, but those people aren’t going to be with your content. So it could hurt your channel because the first people who see your content are your followers. So if it goes, if it’s going to these followers who really don’t care about you because they just, they forget who you are or whatever, , you know, it’s probably not gonna go into the FYP for long. So like if asking for shadows is your top way of growing on tick, Tom, I think that you need to reframe your mind to focusing on your content. Your content is the n ber one thing. There’s going to get people to come and stay and be interested in what you do.

, and if your content is not working, you need to keep experimenting, trying some different stuff and also enabled promoed look at your analytics and see, Oh, this video from four weeks ago is crushing it. I had no idea, , maybe I need to make some more like this. And these videos that are really like making are only getting this many views and maybe I need to stop making those kind of videos. You gotta be real, like what’s resonating with people, do that kind of stuff. But at the same time, just because you’re getting a lot of views may not make sense for what you’re trying to do on tip tops. So for me, you know, I want to inspire a lot of people and, and, and help people and help them grow their business and stuff like that. Well, my first viral videos, cooking chicken breasts, what does that have to do with anything?

Nothing. And so I, and so I said, well, although I could probably get a lot of use by doing this, is this really the type of target audience that I want? And the answer is no. So I ended up creating like an at Jeff caret fitness account and a, and doing that kind of videos there. And, whenever I, whenever I have time, which is rarely do I post there, but, , I would have way more followers if I turn this into an AirFryer cooking channel, but there’s wouldn’t be the right followers. So that’s why I didn’t do it.

Does that make sense, John? I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. I’ll check my Instagram DMS later on. How do you get comments from viewers? Sometimes I don’t get feedback. Just wondering. One thing that people don’t take advantage of as often as they should is asking people to comment. I don’t recommend the n ber one way to ask for comments is to just leave a little text bubble and just say, Hey, comment, comment, and eh, you know, give them something specific to comment. Like, have you ever ex, you know, that’s better than saying, comment, you know, just say, let me know in the comments if you ever asked, don’t you say comment [inaudible] if you give them something specific, it gives them a little bit of direction and just say, you know, the easier you can make it on them to comment the better. Like, if you can just say, Hey, comment.

Yes. If you agree, it makes it really easy. They don’t have to think. They can just do it. Yes. And then swipe. , so just make it really easy for them to comment. And I think that you should say it in a text bubble as opposed to your voice. Because if you take one to two seconds to say, Hey, following and comment or whatever, that can take away from your average view duration, which can hurt your videos potential of FYP success. Landon asked you, why do you think I have enough likes to one day be verified? I don’t know how many likes you have. Okay. Let me click your, let me click your name. Let’s see if it tells me 30.8 million likes a yeah, you have 500,000 followers and 30.8 million likes.

That’s a lot. , yeah, you’d think you’d be verified. Now how many? I don’t know. How famous do you need to be to be verified? I don’t know. I don’t know exactly where they draw the line, but it seems like you’re their buddy. I said, that’s a whole lot of followers. My man, if I was TikTok I’d probably verify you. , but of course if you, if you did some shady stuff to get those likes and followers will then it probably comes down to your average, the average amount of views you get per TikTok, especially if they’re legit use. Like if you’re pulling a hundred to 200,000 on every single TikTok, well then you should probably be verified. That’s just my opinion. I’m not ticked out. I have a, you know, and I don’t, I couldn’t tell you what the process is.

But like if you’re a counselor big enough and you tactic talk and you’re in your TikToking to say, look, what is it? What’s it going to take to get verified? Look, I’m going to use, I’m getting and look at all these people who are pretending to be me. I think that’s the n ber one, the n ber one reason that verification exists is because impersonations, and maybe, maybe this is a hack. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for the last week, but maybe this is a hack, like create a, create a bunch of fake out, geez I don’t even know I should be saying this, but I’m always thinking of things that have like little, little hacks. But , if you, if you created a bunch of fake, like let’s just say I went on and created a bunch of fake Jeff Couret accounts and be like, look, all these people are presenting their me but I’m Jeff Couret, they’re impersonating me.

I need to be verified because when people search for my name, you know, that’s taken away from my brand that’s hurting my business. It’s like, Oh well if we verify him, cause like when you search for a celebrity right now and tick Tom, it’s very easy. It’s very easy to know that it’s the real one. Cause it says verified and I think that’s the whole really the reason their verification exist. Am I wrong? Am I, am I off track with that? But I mean I think that, yeah, that’s the whole point. How does, how did Addison and Charlie’s skyrocket on just 10 months when I started three months ago? And it’s like th bs down. Well, first of all, Charlie’s a really good dancer and some people might call me a SIM for saying that, but like, when you compare, and I know she’s may not be the most technically amazing, like, , like there’s, you know, America’s got talent or whatever type of dancers where they’re, they’re just super, super crazy, crazy good.

But she’s certainly like top tier in terms of like, doing the actual TikTok dances and like bringing it every single time. I’m like, okay, maybe she’s not the best choreographer or whatever, but she, she takes those trending tick tag dances and she just crushed it. Like she brings, she brings her her all to every one of those dances. , and you see other people and they’re just like, kind of, you can tell they’re kind of nervous and they just kinda, don’t look that cool while doing it. So I think that’s where Charlie really stands out. And of course she’s, , she’s relatable. I think that helps a lot. And then Addison is kind of in a similar vein. , honestly I haven’t watched a ton of her, , content, but I kind of feel like everything I just said about Charlie could be applied to Addison as well. How do I break down platform demographics? Wwell it’s kinda hard. I mean we don’t, we don’t, we only get so much data from TikTok.

Thank you for the share. We only get so much data from TikTok. We get male versus female and you gotta use your best judgment based on comments and stuff like that. Check your follower list and see like that. Like how many people in the last day were, how old do they look? Do they look like kids did a little look like adults? Did they look like they’re from another country? , that should give you an idea of what’s going on. How can I start making money? The best way to really make money is to start a business around your TikTok content, whatever it is that you talk about, make a business around that.

Yeah, it can be hard in certain niches. Like, if you make funny videos, how do you make money with that? Well, if you’re really funny and you’ve got a good following, I could see you making like a course on like and affordable course for like high school kids who want to make their friends laugh more like that could be, that could be a way to make money like a $15 course. Like how to crack up your friends and make new friends and , feed the life of the party by telling stories or something. You know, something like that. You could sell for 15 bucks and probably sell it all day long. If you’ve got tens of thousands of followers or even like a couple thousand, then people think you’re the funniest thing ever. That could be something you sell.

How to funnel people to your Instagram website. Well, if you look at what I did for my YouTube, so I’m actually going to take this video. I’m recording it right now. I’m going to take it, I’m gonna throw it up on YouTube. Okay. The way that I’m going to funnel people there, I’m going to make a tick top and say, look, I probably take a clip from this TikTok and say, Hey, if you want to see the whole video, you know, use this link or whatever, and then no, go to my, go to my bio and click the YouTube and you’ll see the whole video. And then while people are there, they’re clicking the follow button and they’re, they’re leaving comments on the, on the YouTube. And, that’s how you, and that’s how you can, you can do the same thing for, , for Instagram.

Just like, Hey, if you follow me on Instagram, you’d know about blah, blah, blah, and you’re referencing like your last Instagram post. And then you, the way you do that on your website, give them something of value on that place of where you want them to go. So on your website it can be like, yo, , yeah, I just, I just put this new blog post where I put this amazing resource. , if you’re looking to learn this thing, well you really can’t miss it. So here, here’s the link. Go check it out though him. You got people on your website and if you really, really want to promote your website or your Instagram or whatever, put it in your, , your hard link in your bio. Not, not everybody has access to this. And I think you have, if you’re not a TikTok test or yet, , it’s in your settings but enabled to, you know, sign up to be a TikTok test or it’ll unlock some features.

Which one of those features might be, it depends where your account is. One of those features might be the ability to put a link, like a clickable link in your bio. , some people say that they could this at the thousand follower Mark. Some people say they get this at the five, 10,000, but it just, just enabled TikTok testers. You’ll get faster access to features, in return for helping TikTok test them. , and if you really want to push something, do you need to put it in your, in your clickable bio? Cause that’s the n ber one thing. People are going to click you creative asks, what’s your thoughts on SMR versus Twitch? I’m sorry, on TikTok versus Twitch. Let me think about that for a sec.

I think I know of course it depends on your situation. I happen to know a lot about Twitch cause I was a streamer for like two years. The just chatting section, which is they have a whole AMR section on , on, on Twitch, don’t they? So Twitch has no discoverability so I’m ass ing your channel is smaller cause most Twitch channels are , Twitch has like zero discoverability unless you’re like top three, top 10, whatever in a direct rates, really hard to get found. , TikTok can make a lot more people aware of what you’re trying to do on Twitch. Then you can just solely go on Twitch and a lot less time. So you probably know on Twitch, if you stream on Twitch, you’ve got to get on there for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours or on take time you spend 60 let’s just say you take an hour, you can create a whole bunch of videos that can promote your stream for the next few years if not the rest of your life. You know think about like effective use of time. Well a lot of

Twitch streamers do wrong was they just, they just stream and streaming, streaming stream and they don’t do anything to promote their stream. It’s really, really hard to get found on Twitch next to impossible depending on the game that you play. So you really, I would, I would stop streaming and take like one or two of your streams and focus on making TikToks in order to promote your stream. If people, people are actually going to dig this far and listen and they actually follow that advice. I think we’re going to see some amazing growth potential for Twitch streamers.

Mecca says, would you recommend doing a series on TikTok? People keep coming back to see episode two and so on. Yeah. Any kind of series, any kind of show, , give people a format to expect. What we’re doing right now is kind of like a show, right? We’re doing a question and answer. It’s something that people can kind of put on in the background and kind of listen and learn. , it’s kinda got a format. I just answer questions. Pretty simple. Yours doesn’t have to be, this can be whatever you want. Just some kind of repeatable format that keeps people engaged and keeps people excited. Especially if it’s on a schedule. Like, Oh, that show comes out once a week. That show comes out twice a week. I have something to look forward to on Monday and Thursday. And then they’re there waiting for it.

They’re looking forward, they’re asking about it, they’re excited about it. And then you, after a while, you end up getting a ton of trust. They end up recommending you to a bunch of people during conference, natural conversations that they have. , kind of the idea of podcasting. But you can see, I think you can take that in the micro for tick time and then, and then you’ve got the people who are doing like, all right, I’m going to, I’m going to have this whole setup and this TikTok follow me and check back in 24 hours to see the result of this little thing. It’s like, Oh, I hate this guy, but I also got to follow him to see what happened. You know what I’m saying? I mean you can, you can play that angle.

MIMA says, I’ve been streaming for almost two years. I made a TikTok they blew up and saw great growth on toys that are awesome to see. And I think it’s like the key, and I, I tell my Twitch streamer friends this, but like most of them just ignore me. Like, dude, you need to be taken advantage of truck trunk. What are you doing? No one’s going to follow you. You think people are going to sit there for half an hour and scroll down to the bottom of the, , what do you call it? The call of duty war zone directory to find you now they’re not, how many hashtags did you use? I would just fill it up with relevant hashtags, be creative and just, I recommend going quick. Don’t take 30 minutes to figure out your hashtags. Just take about 30 seconds of spam out as many as you can think of and leave it there. That’s the way to do it. Can I not be

verified because of my age? I don’t know. I don’t know that much. I’m not even verified. Oh, y’all ask me about verification. Did y’all see a blue check Mark? I mean, maybe I’ll get there one day. I don’t really care. I guess it’d be cool. I dunno what kind of benefits, I guess want a bunch of fake Jeff Couret start popping up. That’s when I’ll be verified. Right. , how to find my niche. Well, my, the guy that’s in my bio has a way to kind of figure out your niche, your target audience. So I would, I would start by following the guy that’s in my bio, download that. And if you do, , it’ll have some really good tips and you’ll also be invited to join my community group group chat where you can, you can get feedback from people, you can give feedback, you can make friends, you can bounce off ideas off of each other.

But it’s not an engagement pod. It’s not a place to spam your link and Ashford likes in fact, we, we have, we kicked people out when they, when they get a little bit too greedy, like, Hey, everybody come hyped this up. Come like this, come, come share this. Like, no, we’re here for, we’re here. We’re here to add value, not extract it. , we’re trying to give more than we get. , so do I have a Facebook group? No. Maybe I should. , I’m doing a VIP group for people who are paying me to do either my private or group, my paid private or group consulting. So I have a VIP group right now. It’s in the discord. I’m thinking about maybe moving that to Facebook. I’m not really sure yet, but, I don’t have a Facebook group. I mean, I do have Facebook groups, but not around take time, how to get live streaming. You need a thousand followers and you need to be 16 or older.

Benjamin says, I’ve been trying to reach my community with hashtags that are relevant but it’s not working for me. It’s kind of hard to diagnose that man. I would say download the guide in my bio and then you’ll be invited to join my group where you can ask more complicated questions like that. , it’s kinda hard to go back and forth here on the TikTok chat because it’s kinda crowded. But probably the next few questions I’d ask you to like, all right, what hashtags are you using? , are you sure? What makes you think, do you have any indication that people are interested in that? On TikTok? Maybe like if it’s an, if it’s an older crowd kind of thing, maybe they’re just not on TikTok yet. Maybe there’s only a few, which would be a good thing to kind of dig out that niche right now and become the expert for the time when they all start joining.

Maybe like one of their biggest influencers. It’s like, alright, now it’s time to join TikTok and all of a sudden everybody joins and then they go to that search and they type in whatever that you, you talk about. And then like, Oh well look at this guy. He’s been creating videos for a year and now I have something to dig into for the next few days. And they watched the end of watching all your content. They like it, they share it. , yeah, like I would say if you go on YouTube right now and you look at different niches, different types of content, and then you go to TikTok and you do some searches and see, Oh, nobody’s really doing this yet. Well that could be your niche. That type of content has already been proven by, by YouTube.

Well, you can just be that guy on TikTok or that gal. You can dominate that niche now. And then when there’s time when, when TikTok gets like mass adoption for all the Facebook and all the Instagrammers and everybody comes over, you can be that guy or that gal. And all of a sudden you’re well known and you’re getting all the attention they would’ve been next to impossible on YouTube. Thank you for the gifts. Java, Java. I says, why is my most viral video is the one that has no description and no hashtags and you don’t need a description and you don’t need hashtags. They help. You don’t need them. So that video is probably very engaging and people watch to the end. They liked it, they shared it. People don’t necessarily need to be told to like and share that or something’s awesome. They’re going to like and share it anyway. , you know, relevant hashtags can certainly help, but they’re not required. How do I know about any of this, Jenny? Good question. , because I have 30 million views and 50,000 followers, which is a dream for many here in this chat. That’s how I know about all of it. What is a shoutout a shoutout is when a creator’s like, Hey everybody, check out their content. Go follow them.

Sarah asks Venus, it says blocked permanently because under AGA you gotta be 16 or older. James asked, do I recommend any ways for people to see our vids? Yeah, go to the 40 page with them, post them publicly, maybe make it about eight seconds to help ensure people watch to the end. Make it visually interesting. Make the idea of good and a, you should go to the 40 page. Does it help to put watch until the end on videos? I think people are getting a little bit jaded with that. It might help with a younger audience. , I think it can help. It might help with even an older audience, you know, just watch to the end. , but at the same time, if you overuse that, you know, it can start to get a little bit like, Oh this dude, this dude always says that it’s kind of meaningless. You know, I recognize this guy’s name. I might follow him, but he always says that, so I’m probably not going to watch to the end cause it’s usually not that good of a payoff. If you say, watch, did they end up better be a good payoff? Are people going to lose trust with you?

Is there a length of video that’s too long? Most of the people on TikTok don’t have what it takes to keep people’s attention for like a good 30 to 60 seconds or even 15 seconds for that matter. I recommend if you’re struggling to grow, do about eight seconds. That’s going to help ensure people watch to the end. What would be some good ideas for eight second clips? , just this, just a small idea. Like I have an education channel, so you’re going to see a video that I have in my draft right now of like a ring light, a free ring light alternative. And I’m like, Hey, if you’re having this problem, do this. Here’s what it looks like in video.

That’s me. I you, I haven’t, I have an education channel. If you have a comedy channel set up punchline and eight seconds. Yeah. What’s up Juco Jacob? Wait, how many seconds are the minim that you need to be shown? And then for you page, , you know, any, any length of time can go to the full [inaudible] page. But I think eight seconds is a good, is a good starting point. Shorten to the point. Yeah. A lot of people drag on their video. Every second matters. Y’all, every single second matters. Like if people are leaving your video because you decided to add one to two seconds of like dead air or filler, that just didn’t need to be there. That could be the difference between a video getting like tens of thousands of views and getting like a hundred views, maybe not a hundred, but you know, it could make a massive difference just to like take out a couple seconds of dead boring parts.

All right, last question then. I gotta run guys. , is it wise to transfer all my tick top clips to my YouTube page? , you know, you might make like a all my TikTok videos for like March, 2020 and then people can like, instead of going through all your TikToks, they can just kind of watch them all in one place, but at the same time you would lose that potential engagement on your TikTok if they did that. But, , you know, it could be something to experiment with, especially if there’s, people aren’t likely to watch your old TikToks from like months ago. So that could be something you experiment with. All right, Joel, as a final thing I want to tell y’all, if you’re struggling to grow and make money on tech time, I recommend go to my bio after I end this live, download my free ultimate guide to TikTok growth guide.

And then it’s got all my best tips. It only takes about five minutes to read. So don’t think this is some long drawn out thing. You can literally read it in the next 10 minutes and kind of digest it. And then if you do that, you’ll also be invited to join TikTok growth group chat where you can meet and network with a bunch of people just like you and get feedback on your content. All right, y’all go out there, create your best piece of content ever and looking forward to talking to you all soon. Have a good one.