Meet Alfred LinkedIn Automation Tool Review:

Jeff Couret: Hey, what’s going on? This is Jeff Couret. In this video, we’re going to be doing your review of meet Alfred the LinkedIn automation software. Let’s get right into this. So let’s talk about how well it works and why you want to use it. Well, the number one reason why a lot of people are switching to meet Leonard right now, I’m sorry, meet Alfreda right now, is because meet Leonard and what are the other ones? There’s a whole bunch of other ones. I’m kind of drawing a blank, you know, linked helper is one meet Leonard is another one by the same company. And what’s the big one? I’m drawing a blank on it, but let me hop right in. And Octopus CRM is another one.

Jeff Couret: There’s a whole bunch. There’s a whole bunch. But anyway, a lot of the other LinkedIn automation tools, they’re extension based, right? So that means they’re, they’re driven by a Chrome extreme Chrome extension. The downside of that is that LinkedIn knows what you’re using. In fact, if you want to get an idea of what LinkedIn can see, you can get this a little plugin called nefarious LinkedIn. You can Google it when you log into LinkedIn. You can click this little button here in your Chrome extension and it tells you, okay, all the different tools or, or, or LinkedIn automation things that they could find. And right now it’s checking

Jeff Couret: And it’s going to give us a list of everything. Just checking right now. Anyway, kind of, kind of besides the point, the whole point of this is LinkedIn knows what you’re using. Linkedin does not want automation happening on like a Mike, I should say Microsoft doesn’t want automation happening on LinkedIn. Why? Because it ruins the experience, especially if you’re doing things in a way that a lot of people are doing and kind of a spammy sort of way. So all the, all this feminists on LinkedIn, it’s causing this and so I, yeah, I use automation as just kind of the first step in order to get people to respond. Once they respond once I’ll actually take over and I’m actually helping some people with this, like digital marketing companies. I’m helping them do their LinkedIn lead generation here. So what you want to be using meat Alfred for is to kind of just take over the first step and once somebody starts talking, okay, then you actually have to happen and keep that conversation going.

Jeff Couret: Build some authority, builds some trust. But this is a review of meat Alfred and and how well does it work? All right, so I will start by saying it does work pretty well. It does work very well. In fact, it’s my favorite LinkedIn automation tool at this time. So, you know, I, a lot of people, there was definitely some growing pains in the last month or two when a lot of people switched away from meat, Leonard and other tools like that because of, you know, getting warnings. I personally got a warning from LinkedIn saying, Hey, we know you’re using meet Leonard. You have to click this box to agree to not use it anymore or you’re not going to be allowed to log into LinkedIn. So I had to click that box. So that’s why a lot of people are switching to meet Alfred.

Jeff Couret: But here is, let’s start with the homepage, I guess. So a lot of people seem to be using this. You can reach out to tons of people. No, let’s, let’s talk about how it actually works. So there’s one major thing. There’s two major things that I like here. As opposed to kind of how I meet Leonard worked. And again, meet Leonard was the old extension based product by the same company I believe, but it was very, like, it was, you know, it was nowhere near as seamless as this. So what this allows you to do is create like a whole automation campaign. So let’s talk about exactly how that looks. So right now I’ve got I’ve got one campaign running. It’s this one. You can, you can start it and you can pause it now. One thing I like is you can see how well you’re converting.

Jeff Couret: And I believe that conversion rate, and I might have to double check with support, but I believe that conversion rate is telling me how many people connect, accepted my connection request. I wonder if that’s telling me how many people respond cause I actually have a multistep funnel, which I’ll show you here in a minute. But you know, I’ve sent for this particular campaign, I’ve sent it to 1,157 people all automatically. Well actually it built up a list of 1,157 people. I’ve sent 1,155 messages out. It’s been accepted by 242 people. So I’ve got a conversion rate of 21%. So I guess that is, except the accept rate to connection request.

Jeff Couret: I’ve sent 212 messages on the back end and I’ve gotten a 77 reply. So I wonder what my conversion rate is to replies that, you know, obviously it’s smaller, but that, I guess that’s not too hard to put together those numbers myself. But it’s nice that they give you these numbers. I guess my point where, you know, like octopus CRM I’ve used that didn’t really give you these numbers. Meet Leonard doesn’t give you these numbers. I don’t think a lot of these LinkedIn automation tools give you these numbers in such an easy easily calculatable way to kind of see how well your stuff is working. So let’s go, let’s click details. So when you click details, it shows you all of the people that you’ve reached out to. So that’s nice. It shows you the stats. How many actions were taken, how many targets were touched. You know, all the views that you’ve gotten, all the connections and all the messages that you’ve sent. It shows, it gives you a little snapshot of your sequence. And I’ll, I’ll, I’ll happen a little bit more about like what my sequence is. I guess this is just kind of a quick snapshot of your sequence without necessarily having a, having to edit it and, but my favorite thing is activity. I think it’s just really cool to see like, Oh, what’s exactly happening? Like right now, for some reason, this button is not working.

Jeff Couret: And pause the video, right activity has loaded and you’ll see that these are some people that that I’ve reached out to in the last 24 hours. And you’ll see, you’ll see why it hasn’t sent in in a number of hours in just in, in just a couple minutes here. But you can see that all of these people I have reached out to you know what the same with the same thing. So I’ll, I’ll hop into my actual into, into my actual sequence. So let’s, let’s go back to the campaign screen and I’ll show you what the sequence looks like. All right, so here’s the sequence. So I’ve got this whole like one to, I don’t know, maybe 10 steps sequence of people, of things that I do for people to try to get them to respond. So first I view their LinkedIn profile. So all this is automated by the way, and everything runs until they respond.

Jeff Couret: So first we view their LinkedIn profile than a day later we send a connection request, which is this is my wording. Hey, I was a little nervous to connect because we haven’t talked before, but here I am getting out of my comfort zone. I use that wording right now. And I’m not saying I’m going to stick with that forever, but for right now it seems to be getting a good response. Just it’s a little bit more human than what people are doing on LinkedIn. And it helps me stand out. I feel like a, and then one day after that if they connect, if an owner, they ha they actually have to connect or we don’t send, I don’t think you can, but they have to connect. And if they do we’ve onto the next message one day later, which is like, Hey, now we’re building authority, right?

Jeff Couret: So not only are we connected, I’m starting to build a little bit of authority. Hey, just so you know a little bit about me, I run SEO, we have digital marketing company owners free up their time for more important things. When they delegate their client SEO services to us. Here’s a podcast that I was on. So Hey, people who are scammers don’t really get featured on podcasts, right? So one of the podcast, I’ll just wording is important, but I tell them, you know, I am a serious entrepreneur. I’ve been in this industry for 20 years. I want people to know that I’m not just some random Joe trying to sell them something. I am actually trying to create a way relationship. So hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to getting to know you, getting to know you professionally. Alright, so we’ll stop there. One day later we reach out trying to start trying to get a little bit of a response. Curious first name. If you had to pick which marketing tactic would you consider to be your agency’s core competency? And then two days later we view their LinkedIn profile. Again. If they haven’t responded yet, we’ll say, Hey, I found something concerning with your SEO and created a quick video explaining mine. If I send it your way and then wait two days. And then we have one

Jeff Couret: Too. [inaudible]

Jeff Couret: Two more follow up video. Two more follow up messages. I should probably add one more because I believe in the three, three followups is usually what it takes. I probably should have three, but for now it’s two. It’s whatever. And I’ve got, I’ve got more opportunities to create video value videos for people then I can even keep up with. So it’s work, right? I have and it’s not about closing a quick deal. I mean these are outbound leads, so you know, it’s gonna take a lot more extra effort after their initial connection in order to build their build the authority and gain their trust. So it was just, you know, it’s a long game, but it is a predictable lead generation method. Right. So but try to keep the focus on this on this video onto the review of the actual software. So you know, it works like, so I, I don’t know if you can see this or not cause I, I’m using a screen recorder from within my browser, but I just clicked the bottom of my screen and you can open up alfred there, alfred pops up on my screen where it’s like a little, it’s like a little applet that runs in on the background of your PC. So it’s actually dripping out messages all day long,

Jeff Couret: Not just messages but all this stuff. Look, if you can see this says sending message to this person right now. So it’s actually sending messages right now. It drips it slowly all day long, so you got to keep it running all day. So this is not going to be a good fit for you if you don’t like to leave your PC on all day. But like I said, it drip things out. You can see your activity, your last few things on this little applet and also the status and it shows on the top right, at least right now, what’s currently happening. She can get, you can get a good idea of whether or not it’s working. And then that leads me into my edit working hours so you can set it what hours of the day that it’s set to run. So I’ve got mine running Monday through Sunday between the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Jeff Couret: You can change that to whatever you want. So if you only want to send during business hours, you can do that. And let’s just say you can go after the business hours of a certain whatever your, you know, your target market is, you can do it like that. So that’s cool. Let’s hop into edit daily limits. So here’s where you can set your views. The number of views per day, the number of connection requests per day. I’m at 75. Most experts say 75 is the max. So that’s what I’m keeping it as. You could go up to a hundred there if you want it to. They don’t let you go any higher, which is probably a good thing. So people don’t abuse that. A maximum of 50 messages per day. And then 30 InMails per day. I’m sorry, you can go up to a hundred messages per day and for views you can go up to 300.

Jeff Couret: I’ll keep it at, I don’t know, I forgot. I don’t even know what it was at a hundred. So there you go. To create a campaign, you can either use a LinkedIn URL, like a typical search URL or you can do a CSV of LinkedIn URLs. I recommend them, I mean sales navigator, but you don’t have to, but the reason why was because you can be a lot more specific about their search that you do. And so you know, you just do a search, basically you just do a search on whether it’s [inaudible], it’s a regular LinkedIn or LinkedIn sales navigator. And you could say like, I don’t know, wine industry, a CEO. Right. And you just basically take that URL, pop it in. Yeah. You your meet outfit here.

Jeff Couret: This is loading out. Yeah. You just take the, take that URL, pop it in here or you have all your, maybe you have a CSV of link of specific, like if you want to be super duper specific you can get, you could do it that way. I haven’t done that. I just did the link and URL, which let’s be honest, LinkedIn search is not that great. So a lot of, I don’t wanna say a lot cause you can, you can cut it down with, with Boolean search and stuff like that, but a fair amount of people are going to be a bad fit. So just keep, keep that in mind. Like was kind of a shotgun approach. You’re going to get some bad fits in there. Some people are going to get angry. But not that many. So I’m trying to think of anything else to go over.

Jeff Couret: Just clicking around getting, Oh, so I thought this was kind of cool. They’ve got the [inaudible]. Yeah, they’ve got a bunch of videos that were really helpful. I found to figure out how to use this software. If this video isn’t enough. They got some really good stuff here. I found that even when they were completely swarmed, I think they said 20,000 and meet Leonard and other users, which switching over to meet Alfred in a matter of a week or two when I think meet Leonard said that they’re not shutting down, but they’re gonna not continue to support it. A whole bunch of people wanting to switch to meet offer because it is app application based, like desktop based. Even then they were pretty good. I support. So you know, if you emailed their support they’ll get back to you really quickly.

Jeff Couret: Yeah. So I think if you are serious about LinkedIn meet elfort is certainly something that you should be considering. There’s some little popups to like these go away. I, I fully expect this to disappear here in a second. It’s not disappearing. It’s saying my app is not online. Let me double check that. Oh, well I guess one, one kind of negative thing. I don’t know why this is doing this, but one kind of negative thing you do, at least for the time of this video, you do have to reset the applet once every couple of days. Sometimes when things just get stopped and the software’s not perfect. I mean, let’s not let’s not, it’s new too. So I mean the Dara is still working out some kinks. Just know that going in, know that you’re probably going to have to reset reset your little applet here.

Jeff Couret: And in fact you can see some, some issues happening right now on this video. I’m resetting the page and look, I think there’s an error message that I’ve already gone away. The little glitches like that. Look, they’re going to happen. So is this a perfect product? No, but is it the best? I think so. And you can see all the different drafts that I’ve done. You’ve got your drafts. Well, I didn’t finish doing it. Archive something that, you know, I’ve trying different things. So basically I’m doing a new campaign. Every time I do an update, I kind of create a new campaign and then I can compare the conversion rate. It looks like this one was doing a little bit better than this one, but then it’s like, well wait, which of the changes? I’m trying, I’m trying not to make too many changes at a time, but look, this is way better than doing nothing and waiting for word of mouth and referrals to happen for your business.

Jeff Couret: And let’s see, T O D they’ve got some team stuff. Let’s see. Let’s see. What am I paying for this? I should, I should ask myself that hopefully nothing bad gets shown here. But Oh, so basically what they did for me cause I was a meat Leonard and I think I paid in advance for a year to save some money. What they did was they said, Oh, we’ll try. Since we’re, since we’re not gonna support me, Leonard anymore, we’re going to transfer your meet Leonard subscription over meet alpha. I think I’m paid in advance for like several months, but I think this is in the $25 a month range. And when you think about, you know what that would what the return on that investment would be if you just got one client. I think if you’re in digital marketing or worse, and if you’re doing services for like not bare bones I think, you know, the ROI would be immense if you just got one client from doing this stuff.

Jeff Couret: And I have, you know to getting started billing, let’s see what the settings are. I’m just trying to walk you through everything. So you really have to make an informed decision if you’re going to use this or not. Let’s see. Billing. Okay. We already saw that John. It looks like I’m paid up through March of next year. Sweet automation settings. Oh, cause here’s, here’s what you log into your LinkedIn connection. So you would actually type in your LinkedIn credentials here and that’s how it connects to your LinkedIn. So that, that happens here. And let’s go back to the team.

Jeff Couret: Yeah, I don’t, I don’t, I’m not really using the team part of this. Or you could do multiple organizations too. So I’m not really sure. Like I am helping people with this and, and handling their meet Alfred for them, like digital marketing companies, but I’m just kind of logging into their meat Alfred account so they can have meat alfred running on their PC, like a little applet, but I can actually log in remotely and manage their whole campaign, which is great. So really, really cool software. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments below and be happy to answer you. So again, this is Jeff Couret. My company is SEOak. We help digital marketing companies sell and deliver high quality SEO services to their clients. If you found value in this video, please consider subscribing with notifications on, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye.