How to Get Millions of Views on TikTok Transcript

Hey, this is Jeff Couret founder and president of SEOak. Today we’ll be talking about how I’ve managed to get over a million views on TikTok. After about two months of dabbling, I’m starting to have some success. In fact, my first 1 million view videos should be happening today. At some point. It was currently in the nine hundreds, I believe, which is crazy to say. I’ve personally never experienced any kind of view count anywhere near that, so it’s kind of insane. But you know, Gary V’s been talking about this if you follow this content for the last few months or probably all of 2019, so I said, Hey, let me mess around. So now there’s a little bit of a caveat. You know, the content I’m creating on there is not necessarily businesses, right? It’s mostly younger people, but, you know, SEOak isn’t all that I do.

Some of you know, I’ve got a Twitch stream, kind of put that on hold for a bit. After building up about 3000 ish followers, I’d decided to put that on hold. And just the growth still just way too slow for me. But yeah, I’m going to be talking about how I was able to build up millions. You know, I think probably if I would have made this video yesterday, I would’ve said like 600,000 views in the last month. But as of today, I mean, I put one out last night and it’s like already on track for like a million in less than 24 hours. I mean, it’s just crazy. So I’m going to say, here’s how I was able to get new interviews on TikTok in less than two months. So basically we started, you know, it was a couple of years ago.

I was just kind of dabbling. My account was in private mode. Mostly it was my kids. I just made like one, two or three and it was, you know, some of their friends watching and stuff like that. And just kind of left alone for a while. And, you know, the more and more I heard Gary V talk about it and I was like, all right, let me mess around and take a look, take another look at this. And you know, maybe I can carve out my niche. Maybe I can be the first person to talk about digital marketing on Twitch and kind of be that, carve out my niche there, not Twitch, TikTok, and kind of be that guy. So I started, you know, throwing stuff at the wall, seeing what sticks and, you know, certain things.

I noticed that shorter videos perform better than longer ones. In fact, almost all your videos should be under 15 seconds. All of my most successful ones were probably closer to 10 to 12 seconds. The key is you got to keep people watching to the end, like all the way to the end. If they click off early, you’re not going to get recommended by the, for your page, which is the discovery vehicle. And the discovery vehicle is a really good one because you know, Instagram doesn’t really have this, they have a discovery thing, but it’s off to the side. Whereas as soon as you opened up the TikTok app, they throw you right on to the for you page. So already, that’s where most of the discoverability happens. And of course, Twitch has like the little categories and then, of course, you’re at the bottom when you have zero views.

So, you know, the discovery on TikTok is kind of insane. I just kind of put out a few, tried a bunch of different stuff. And then I finally had a little bit of success when I picked up my camera one day and I just talked about, I just kinda gave my quick thoughts on the guy who swung the helmet in the NFL. He hit that guy. I said NFL, I just kinda put my foot, took a stance on something I knew it’d be a little controversial. Said, Hey NFL, do something about this. Maybe he needs to be kicked out of the league or something like that. And so that started getting some attention. And then I saw that that was successful. I picked up my camera again and just said, Hey, I care about this stuff because Hey, here’s my son that goes to this team.

And, you know, we gotta make sure these future players are safe or whatever. And then, you know, kind of struggled and kind of struggled to have success for a couple of weeks. And then I started just randomly trying some air fryer videos. So I was like, putting food in an air fryer, Hey, let’s try this and see what works. And those have been crazy. Those are the ones who’ve been taken off. So I had success with like putting a stake in an air fryer. Let’s see what happened and then I did two more, you know, frozen pizza, and literally frozen chicken breasts. Let’s see what happens. It’s kind of like experimental in a weird way. It was kinda curious like, Oh, look they want to stay till the end and not swipe because they want to see like, Oh, what actually does happen?

I’m curious. Right. Yeah, so it’s been pretty crazy. And so how’s this going to affect my business? I’m not really sure yet, but I think that just because of like how realistic it is to be able to build some attention on there if you’re consistent about it. And very strategic. By the way, I also watched a bunch of algorithms, videos and learned as much as I possibly could about the algorithm. I probably watch every TikTok algorithm video on YouTube. So I have a more advanced understanding of the TikTok algorithm than most I feel. So that helps. But anyway, like how is this going to affect my business? You know, I think that I don’t know yet. We’ll see. You know, maybe offering TikTok marketing services to companies who want to get into the younger demographic could be something I could do.

There’s monetization on TikTok, but it’s like live streaming. I think that could be a little weird, but I don’t know about that one. And then they have, you know, the potential to bring these viewers over to my Twitch or maybe over to my YouTube. I mean there’s some cool stuff, but I’m not worried about that right now. Right now I’m focused on attention and building up my audience as much as I can. Because really that’s another big benefit. I mean, it just does not take very long to do it, to plan out and record a TikTok and create the description and publish it. I mean, literally we’re talking five minutes start to finish. In fact, when I’m at the gym is a great time kind of between sets, come up with an idea, pick up the phone and record it and you know, and then do a set and then do the description, do a set and publish it and boom. And then that’s pretty much it. So that’s how I was able to build up millions of views on TikTok in about two months. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll see you in the next video. Have a great one.