Why Is My SEO Business MMR Up 33% Transcript

My business is up about 33% from this time last year. Hey, this is Jeff Couret, I am the founder and president of SEOak and today we’re going to be talking about, just a little bit of an update, kind of reflecting on why I think this holiday season is going a lot better than last years. In fact, at this time last year, I was really kind of frustrated and I don’t know, it was a really tough holiday season. You know, I had lost a couple of clients, including a pretty substantial one. There was definitely higher than average in terms of, you know, what they were paying me every month. So, you know, I put in some work, especially earlier in the middle of this year, trying to figure out like, you know, what I could be doing to maybe set some better expectations or retain clients longer.

So some of the things that I did were, you know, make sure to point out to the clients. And you know, there’s always, when I do a lot of the white label stuff, there’s always the extra step of like, I don’t just have to convince, the client, but I have to convince, I mean the partner, technically my client is the white label partner, AKA the digital marketing agency or the web design company. So it’s like, you know, it’s extra complex. I’m not just convincing or not just like proving results to one person, but I have to prove it to two, you know, sometimes it’s not my white label partners’ idea when they want to cancel. It’s the clients’ and typically sometimes, you know, we’re not able to move the needle. Usually, we are but you know, sometimes we don’t have enough time. You know, we do our best to set the expectation that, yeah, this is going to take several months. We don’t always get several months, depending on the way my white label partners kind of structure their own deals with their own clients. You know, cause it is their client at the end of the day. But I go month to month with my white label partners.

Two things. We’re retaining clients longer and I think going back to what I was saying earlier it’s just, you know, just making sure to point out when we’re having success, kind of going the extra mile. In fact for a while, and I haven’t been that good about this lately, but sending out a dedicated email, you know, between SEO, what we call our strategic analysis, which is kind of our reporting slash strategy document that we send out. So sending those dedicated emails was one thing we did just like, Hey, I noticed that you know, you got number one for this keyword. Awesome. Talk to you later. Something as simple as that can go a long way. And then when we set our strategic analysis, making sure to point out in the email like, Oh, you know, your traffic is up 400% from this time last year, or something like that. You know, I think little things like that help a lot. And then the other thing was, well I guess the two other things that I did, number one would be just retaining clients longer. I guess I already said that, but I did this holiday sale. I talked about this in my last video where I gave like a special deal to my most loyal partners and then I went online and created a video about how I did that. I think potentially some of my old partners who I haven’t heard from them in a while, suddenly reached out and I don’t know they saw that video or not. I’d like to think that maybe they did and they’d be like, Oh man, I’m missing out because, you know, I haven’t had an SEO play with Jeff in a while or something like that. Definitely heard a few people reach out that I hadn’t heard from in a while, which is great, you know, so maybe I should ask them if they saw that video, but I think that helped. And then having success with lead generation. So at this time last year, I was fully dependent on word of mouth and referrals for the most part with a few web leads but it wasn’t very predictable. So I kind of supplement it. I started supplementing that with my LinkedIn outreach, going directly to like LinkedIn to my target market and starting conversations with them. Not necessarily being salesy, but just, you know, making them aware that we exist and that has turned into some sales, you know what I mean? So, but yeah, things are definitely in a much better place than they were at this point last year. You know, things are headed in a positive direction, so that’s exciting. And I just wonder, I guess, share the reasons that I think that’s happening. You know, it doesn’t happen by accident. It doesn’t happen without a lot of hard work. But you know, my business is growing more than I thought. And, you know, I haven’t done the annual revenue comparison yet. I try to compare like monthly recurring revenue versus monthly recurring revenue just because it’s easy and right now things are in a pretty good place.

Business MMR Up 33%

And I got a new deal, like a verbal agreement for a new deal that’s supposed to start on January 1st which will put my revenue, to a new peak that has never been. So that’s pretty exciting and that’s a direct client. So, you know, I charge more when it’s a direct client, in fact considerably more cause there’s no, you know, white label partner to get their margin. So, pretty exciting stuff and that’s pretty much it. I just wanted to update you guys and talk about how I’m able to, grow my revenue, about 33% from this time last year. Any questions? How’s your revenue doing compared to this time last year? Did you hit your goals and all that stuff? Let me know in the comments below. I’ve got some really similar videos. You’ll see a box pop up here, go ahead and click that and that’s kinda similar to this. And if you want to learn more about this stuff, take a look and I’ll see you in the next video. Have a good one.