TikTok Review Transcript:

Hey, welcome to my TikTok review. My name is Jeff Couret. I’m the founder and president of a company called SEOak. I help digital agencies sell and deliver SEO services to their clients. And today we’re going to be talking about TikTok. What does TikTok you ask? Well basically TikTok is a new hot social media kind of video slash music sharing app and a number one on the app store in terms of apps. So it is extremely hot right now and I’m going to review it. So let’s hop right in. So I know your time is valuable. So I’m going to hop right into my answer of whether or not you should use this. And I think it depends. I don’t recommend this app for children under the age of 14 I think a lot of the the content is very sexual. A lot of drug stuff.

I don’t recommend you a, you let your kids on there if they’re under the age of 14, maybe 13. It’s just there’s a lot of stuff on there and there is a restricted mode. However, it’s not very useful. It doesn’t allow you to see your friend’s content at all. Your kids are gonna go in there and like swipe that and turn that off. So I don’t recommend this for kids under the age of 14. Now for people who have businesses. I think that yeah, you probably should be on here since you know, you probably end up getting a lot of attention, you know, if you have T if you have people in your target market who are younger, I do recommend looking at this [inaudible] if you’re B2B, maybe not so much, or not yet. Or maybe build an audience on here maybe.

And just keep in mind that the people on here are, you know, I would say like 11 ish to like 25 is typical. But I think there’s going to be skewing older over the next few years. But as of right now, the audience is very young. So keep that in mind. Should you use it? It depends on who you are, what you want to get out of it. I think there’s a lot of good and I think there’s a lot of bad and we’re going to hop into both of those right now. And real quick, if you’re enjoying this so far, go ahead and click that leg in. Subscribe with notifications on if you want some more content like this and your feet. All right, let’s go. All right, let’s start by looking at the features of the app right now. This is kind of what you see when you open up the app.

It starts playing a TikTok automatically. Here’s your discover page. We can kind of flip through and see what’s trending right now in terms of hashtags. Each hashtag is associated with a certain type of action that people are doing in their little quick videos. As you’ll see like get crafting, they’re making a craft. “I am baby”. They turned themselves to a baby dramatic dance. It’s kind of funny where they’re doing like this dramatic joker dance. I’ve actually done one of those and now we can kind of hop in and look into like the video content creation tools that they give you. For example, right here, we’re trying all kinds of try some different filters. I actually found the filters that give to be pretty good. It’s not just the filters that you’re going to see right here, but there’s also like a series of transitions and a bunch of stuff to like jazz up your videos a little bit and not, not all of them are super cheesy.

What you’ll see here in a second, my face go into like hundreds of me, which is pretty funny. I thought. you’ll see me smiling. Earthquake, I think. No, this one is like a face thing there zooms into your face. All kinds of silly little things. They got a, this one’s probably for chicks. I’m not really sure what they wanted me to do there. Earthquake and, and some other stuff. But I, you know, I did, I did found the transitions to be pretty cool. Like the video editing stuff. If you get a chance to check out my tech talk, I made like a little montage of some cool stuff I did at a trampoline park with my kids and was able to like jazz it up and make it look pretty cool. That this is pretty sad. That was pretty silly.

Just, just in different stuff. And then just kinda showing some, some different options on the filter side. From here you can, you can kinda click over and kind of look, okay. These are the people who’ve been liking your videos. Typical stuff, they’ve got some private messaging in there, so keep an eye on, keep an eye out for that. These are some, these are my last few videos. You can kind of keep an eye on your views. Some of my most successful ones have been like NBA and just like I try to trending thing. So let’s get into do some more with the pros and cons now. All right, we’re going to start with the cons of this app. There, there have been uncovered some potential security concerns. I believe. This is a Chinese company and whenever you have international, the laws start to get a little bit vague and stuff like that.

So you know, there’s some security concerns there. So keep that in mind. You never know where your videos or pictures or access to any of your staff is going to end up. Just keep that in mind. Tweens and even younger dancing to inappropriate songs. You know, I’ve, I’ve had my, my kids dancing to stuff that they don’t understand the meaning of it and, but there’s still dancing to it. And I’ve had to tell some of our friends that have kids that are friends with our kids, like, Hey, like keep an eye on this stuff because you never know. They, and they just don’t kind of understand what the song was about. It’s just kind of weird, you know? Restrict like S like I was saying earlier, restricted mode as a joke. If you put your kids in restricted mode, they will not be able to interact with their friends or see their content.

So it’s kind of pointless and I can’t see them being happy with that. And on top of that inappropriate content still slips through very regularly, very regularly with restricted mode on as a joke. And, and my final con is that most of the content on TikTok is a, as, as of right now is cringy and just bad. And just like there’s just a lot of younger kids and they’re, they’re taking their stabs and stuff like that. So there really is a need on TikTok for good content. So keep that in mind. If you can be the one who’s like coming up with original stuff, I’m, you can blow up and like get your audience and potentially move that audience to a YouTube or to a, you know, Instagram, Twitter, whatever the next social app is, or something like that.

So keep that in mind. Is this a good place to maybe build a base audience or you’re just getting started as Gary Vaynerchuk is saying, the attention on TikTok is very under-priced in terms of what kind of engagement you can get for the same effort. And basically what he means is you put the same effort on TikTok as you would on a YouTube, you’d get a lot more engagement on tock. So I guess that’s, that’s kind of how you look at that. But of course you’ve got to use this app and its own native format. All right, so let’s get to the pros. So what I’ve noticed messing with TikTok for the last month or so is that better content creators are starting to put out content. I personally have found some, some of the YouTube YouTube people that I like they have this, they’re starting to get serious about TikTok.

They’re putting little highlights from their videos on there and sometimes they’re just putting out custom, TikTok content, which you know, yeah. I find myself laughing at some of the tech talks, so like, Oh, that’s pretty good. Oh, cool. I’m actually starting to like this. I have a little bit, so that’s cool. I’ve, I found it to be a pretty cool music discovery platform. I’ve, I’ve found some songs that I like. I could see how like this could be huge for a music artists and and people who just want to discover cool songs. Something about hearing the same song over and over again. Like when you’re going through like a trending hashtag on the discover page, you hear it over and over again. It’s like, man, and then you find yourself like humming it later in the day when you’re not even on the app and wondering, I wonder what the rest of that song sounds like.

And I’ve done that twice over the last two days and I barely even use TikTok. So this is a music discovery platform that that could have big implications for the music industry. I think there’s marketing opportunities for musical artists and businesses. Obviously the marketing applications would be just getting your songs out there and then businesses who want to get in front of, as of right now, you know, the younger audience as of maybe one, two, three years out, the audience is going to be skewing older, which means that like more maybe some more B2B, younger entrepreneurs, maybe 20 to thirties would be interested in in, in, in hearing what you have to say. So very cool stuff potential there. Sometimes the content is so bad that it’s good if you’ve ever seen a movie that’s just, it’s so bad, but you just can’t stop watching because not, not necessarily it’s a train wreck, but you’re fine.

You’re actually like liking it. Sometimes it’s just been like, okay, this is such a low effort. Take talk that I just find myself laughing and then like, just, I don’t know. There, you know, that happens sometimes it’s so bad that it’s horrible. It makes you want to uninstall the app. Sometimes it’s so bad that it’s good. It’s hard to explain. Like I said earlier, the content on TikTok does seem to be getting better. It’s all about who you follow. So on follow people who are putting out bad content and follow the people who are putting out good content and you’re, and there is an algorithm you’re going to get better stuff in your feed. I am noticing some good stuff on there. Let’s see what else. Use your basis skewing older. I, I’ve said that. And then I also mentioned earlier that it’s possible to build an audience here and bring them to other platform, whether it’s Twitch, weathers, Twitter, whether it’s YouTube or Instagram or Snapchat.

Should you use it? As I said before, it’s up to you. I think that it’s worth a look. If you’re looking for funny stuff, funny stuff does exist. I’ve seen some, you know, reach out in the comments below and we can chat and share some, some funny TikTok. Actually funny, not like people who try and fail miserably. Skits. I’ve seen some funny skits. It’s almost like a modern Vine, so people are doing some pretty good skits and stuff like that. So that’s going to conclude my TikTok review. I think it’s, I’m actually starting to like it. I think you should give it a try, but only if you’re over 14. And I think it has good entertainment and marketing possibilities for you. All right. That’s gonna do it for my TikTok review. Let me know what you thought in the comments below and give me a subscribe. Talk soon.