Jeff Couret: Hey, this is Jeff Couret. I’m the founder and president of SEOak. This is my USUMMIT 2019, recap and review. Basically, I went to the event in Denver and took a series of video clips, put them all together along with some images. And then at the end I kinda give my thoughts on the whole event and give a quick review. So somebody, you might be wondering, what is USUMMIT? So USUMMIT is a digital agency owner conference. They have people who have established agencies, 20 plus people and then you know, all the way down to people who are maybe doing this as a side hustle who still have a full time job, who are looking to maybe, you know, take this full time. So larger and smaller. A lot of one, I’d say mostly one to 10 person digital marketing agencies in attendance.

Jeff Couret: And it’s a really good, I’ve been coming since like 2015. I think. This is my fifth event. Yeah, it’s a really good event. I personally partnered up with a bunch of people from the community and done projects. Like they’ll do the web design, I’ll do the SEO and that kind of thing. So it’s been really good. There a lot of good speakers and you get to you know, you get, you get to meet the speakers like at this event I get to meet Blair ENS who I’ve been following for several years now. So there’s some workshops and, and all that good stuff. So yeah, it’s a really good event.

Jeff Couret: Hey, just landed in the airport in Denver, heading to USUMMIT 2019. Ready to get my learn on and looking for where the Uber pickup is. I’m getting here a little later than I would’ve hoped, so I’m missing the first one or two presentations, but hopefully she’ll be able to get them on video later. But right now I’m just trying to find where to get picked up by the Uber and head over to the grandpa where the event is happening. Just hailed my Uber and check out this car behind me with snow on top. That’s awesome. Don’t see that every day. The weather feels nice and crisp, not overly cold. Those good more snow on another car. I just had got a bunch of snow. I’m in the Uber and we’re getting a fantastic view. Look at all that white. Beautiful morning rise in Colorado.

Jeff Couret: I won’t get it on this video but every, every minute or so you see a big old chunk of snow falling off like stop lags and everything like that. It’s pretty awesome. Just don’t see that back home too much. So just got to check into my room heading down to the the main foyer in order to get registered. Luckily they had a early registration for me cause they email me and ask if there’s anything I could do they could do for me here at the grand hall I had and I said, well you could do early registration or just take my bags. That’d be amazing. And sure enough, they have my room are ready early. So that’s a great start to the day and time to go get registered. Here I go.

Brent Weaver: Maybe problems are starting to spark up. Right. You become so obsessed with that and leads are falling out of your pockets and be like I said about how to close all of these clients that can’t wait the deals because we’re going to do next quarter? Win.

Ruben Gonzalaz: Everybody tells you, believe in yourself, wash house with it, but totally worthless. I just feel humble yourself bringing brands thanks to your team.

Blair Enns: This is a wonderful event. So far so good. Wow. I’m really impressed. I’m super inspired by Reuben gets all this and all out. I’ll tell you, I was a little bit dubious before you got up there. I thought, what do you want to to learn from a luger? Like I could never do the luge. Yeah. What it is that the client wants and description of their desire to you just stayed. Then you ask, okay, what are the things that we’ll measure? What are the metrics of success?

Jeff Couret: First set of panels is over going down to the VIP lunch where some of the speakers are going to be hanging out and doing a little fireside chat. So here we go.

Jeanna Pool: I have my own agency, my niche and I’m from Texas So I say niche is doctors.

Blair Enns: and so that’s the 10 years saved for 18 years.

Karl Sakas: The goal first build residual income. I’m doing a few things to do that. One on a new team member called the billables stands. Amazing. [inaudible] She’d been working with agencies longer than that.

Ruben Gonzalaz: So when the guy told me I should be a speaker with my job over the past 22 years.

Karl Sakas: I’ve identified four stages, four stages. If you want to potentially reach your full potential and you want to pursue the fourth stage. The fourth stage is to go from confident to validated. When you are valued you are that trusted advisor that alright, sure. And how would you do with a client that goes to you midway through a project client that goes to, you’ve been with for the project. How long is the project that hypothetically we’re talking about? We have a client at the moment it is a two year long website development. That sounds terrible for really very thinking. Yeah. And hopefully they are paying you on salon. Some money.

Jeanna Pool: clients one at a time absolutely works, but there’s a big problem. It makes you want to drink heavily.

Brad Martineau: Well, the colder than where I’m from. I’m in Arizona, so this is a little bit different for me, but we’ll survive. So what I want to talk today about is how to build [inaudible] Amazing team, that tick button and you’d love to be around anybody. Interesting. Would that be helpful and valuable? Okay. And what we want to do is figure out to do it without all the pain and suffering of traditional higher than Fire carousel. Who knows what I’m talking about.

Jeff Couret: Presentations just ended. This is a golden nugget for it cause I’ll put that. There goes my buddy, Troy Birdsong. Are you guys

Jeff Couret: All right? We’re here at the after the, after the presentations on Thursday, we’ve got some awesome knowledge bombs hanging out with some awesome people. Osamu, Jeff and Jeff. I’m also Jeff. Three J’s and Osamu. So we’re just learning a little bit about each other’s business, hanging out, having a great time. Does awesome over here. What were some of the biggest takeaways for me today? Oh my God. It’s like drinking from the fire hose. It’s unbelievable. I don’t even know where to begin. Yeah, so a lot of, a lot to digest and we’re all talking about it right now, so yeah. Good stuff.

Jeff Couret: All right. We just finished our happy hour heading over to the Mexican joint. This guy named Aaron Wrixon is doing a meetup and we’re all going to go drink some margaritas and have some tacos. Should be a fun time.

New Speaker: [Inaudible]

Jeff Couret: I just got back to my room and everything was really good. The Mexican place was popping off. Get some taco salad and some Brewskies a got an early morning tomorrow because of the six division breakfast. So it’s going to go ahead and go to bed and before I go to bed gonna check my email and whatnot and see y’all in the morning.

Jeff Couret: We’ll go pretty early. So I’m going to get a quick, quick lift in

Jeff Couret: Before breakfast. Here we go. I got my workout in this morning. Heading down to the six division breakfasts.

Brad Martineau: You just want to play with it. [inaudible] Right? Let’s make no mistake about it. Yesterday when I spoke, what was that?

Jeff Couret: This is over Brad Martin. Who was talking about some different ways that he could that we could improve the customer experience, the customer journey in order to have more happy clients and make a happy client factory. So really good value there. Now going into some more learning sessions until lunch time. So a couple people are gathering up and getting ready for the next tops. So you see,

Brent Weaver: My wife is texting me how often is four 39, your home young families and I know the one sign and what happens is their breast, by the way, just like an hit guys. One, maybe they can do real projects. Did you play? Can [inaudible] awesome

Chris Martinez: To make or lose all your money

Brent Weaver: Brainstorming? What else do you want to do? You don’t want to just [inaudible].

Chris Martinez: dude parts of the AGC people and processes so then you can scale out large.

Steven C: But to answer the question, what we did is we took a step back and said, okay, what do I want this business to be? I want it to be, what kind of profit to I want it to be, what kind of lifestyle I wanted to create. Awesome. [inaudible].

Dan Russell: So you guys, not that you were here for a digital marketing presentation, but I actually have a bit of a pop quiz for you guys.

Jeff Couret: Just got our our new tee-shirts for this year. Hold the 2019 you go to his t-shirt. We’re about to go do a, alright, we’re about to go do a, a group photo on the stage. So it’s about to get kind of crazy. They’ve got a ladder set up in the middle, so we’ll see. The photographer is going to get on top of that ladder and take a picture of about 200 people on this day. So here we go. We’ll take a cozy really cozy,

Jeff Couret: Tall people in the back, hanging out with Alex guys, Ron and Michael Collins. What’s up Randy? We just got done a bunch of sessions, learning a bunch of stuff, having a few beers and hanging out and meeting a lot of really cool people. Been partnered with him for while about a year. I just met you what? Yesterday. And we had a quick workout this morning and then Alex, we just met in person, but we can connect on LinkedIn. Any big takeaways from today? Guys? Loving this summit, right? Paper. We all gotta reinvent. That’s the big thing about today. Hey, I’m hanging out here with Brian Essig, owner of Essig creative, right? Creating digital. Creating digital. Oh, sorry. Creating digital. So he’s going to be starting a some video content. Do you know you’re going to be doing that at this year? Okay. Look for a link in the description to his channel, wherever that’s going to be. It might be on LinkedIn, I’d be on Facebook, might be on YouTube, might be on all three. So go check him out. He’s going to be talking to merchants and talking about Magento stuff. Right? Cool. So check us out.

Jeff Couret: So it took a little break and heading over to the Panda lounge. It’s a costume party and it’s called the Panda strikes back. So it’s pandas and star Wars. So I’ve got my lightsaber and my Panda stuff and my black and white shirts. So here we go. Bout to get crazy!

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Jeff Couret: Hey at this conference looks cool. Let me know if you’re interested in attending in 2020 or any year thereafter. I may be able to hook you up with discounted tickets. So just let me know in the comments below or email me, Jeff at Cool, crazy times at the Panda strikes back lounge last night. I have to go meet up with my buddy Alvaro to chat about eSports marketing.

Aaron Wrixon: [Inaudible] Oh boy. You know what? I need a favor. Can you give me my applause now? Because when I’m done you think was hoping they were up there and you can see if you were tempted to do so. But

Melanie Spring: [Inaudible] told lose that fire, do something to help you here. But when we start to come to this middle ground, it’s been that it’s boring. So life a car that like, I’m like an hour and a half into it, I realized that I had some poisoning.

Jeff Couret: All right. So just got finished with my meal at Henry’s Tavern with some community members and yeah, heading to the airport now. It was a really awesome trip. Today’s speakers are really, really good. So talk a little bit more at the airport.

Jeff Couret: So yeah, just got to the airport. Unfortunately had to miss a few of the final sessions like one or two after you know, after lunch. So I’ll be able to probably go on the portal and see the video of those, so I’ll just do it that way. And yeah, overall the event was really good. I think it was, you know, less of the prison, less of the presenters have a, we’re like selling from the stage, which was, you know, kinda got a lot of that in 2018. A lot of valuable speakers, a lot of value was dropped today. Kinda got a little emotional with some of the, some of the talks. I, it was pretty intense, pretty intense stuff today. So a lot to reflect on, a lot to think about and a lot of decisions to be made about the future of my business.

Jeff Couret: But as you can see, I’m supporting the UGURUS hat, so I really like what they’re doing, really like where the where the community’s headed and looking forward to be a part of this for a long time to come. So hopefully you’ve enjoyed my recap and a quick review of the USUMMIT 2019 event and hope to see some of y’all next year. One more thing I forgot to mention is the people, the people at the conference are awesome. Everybody’s really nice and friendly and willing to chat. This year more than ever, I had people come up to me and tell me like how I’ve impacted them, whether they heard me on a podcast or they heard me like they saw something I shared from one of my videos or like just sharing a, a piece of content. Like you might, you might share a piece of content that you find valuable and then like, forget like I had forgotten, like they would like, dude, you share this thing and like totally changed the trajectory where my business and I’m like, I don’t know, I barely even remember that. Like, you know what I mean? Just like man, really cool to see like that you’ve had an impact in some people’s lives. And yeah. So the number one best thing about this is the people like from the mentors to brand and all that. UGURUS team really, really cool people. So yeah, just wanted to add that in.

Jeff Couret: Thanks for watching my use and mid 2019 recap and review. Hopefully you found this valuable. If so, please like and subscribe. And have you ever been to USUMMIT or another digital marketing conference? Let me know in the comments below. Looking forward to hear from you and we’ll see you next video.