60 Second Videos vs 10 Minute Videos for Cross Posting Transcript

Hey, this is Jeff Couret, founder and president of SEOak. Today we’re gonna be talking about two different types of video content that you need to be making, for the various platforms that are out there. So first we’ll start with the 60 second video. What it’s good for, what it’s bad for. All right, so the 60 second videos is a pretty magical length of time because this will work on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter. You can also upload these to LinkedIn and do well. You know, the 60 second video, while technically can be uploaded to YouTube, I wouldn’t expect it to do very well because if you combine like click through rate with average viewer retention, like audience retention, you’re probably not going to have much success with the YouTube algorithm with that. Why not upload it?

I don’t think it’s going to hurt you. I just wouldn’t expect much from it on YouTube. But anyway, the 60 second video can pretty much work on any platform from TikTok to Instagram to Twitter. Snapchat, you can do a Facebook and YouTube with the 60 second video. So I would recommend doing your 60 second videos and you know, 15 second videos can probably work on all those platforms as well. So let’s just say 15 to 60 seconds is kind of the sweet spot to hit all those platforms. And easily like one quick video can be uploaded to like seven or eight different platforms, however many that is that we’re talking about. Cause I’m driving and I’m not counting, but you know, in one minute and you can have eight pieces of content, why wouldn’t you do that? And potentially more, you know, if you were to strip that out and make videos of things that you said, if you want to give a quick tip and I’ll tell you, I have a quick tip on LinkedIn.

If you want to look at my LinkedIn profile, just search for my name. It was like a quick tip on how to get more comments from your video content. And I think it got viewed a couple hundred times and it was literally a 15 second video. So 15 to 60 seconds, let’s just say 60 seconds max. And especially for business, if you’re a B to B, like these, these business professionals do not necessarily have time to sit there and watch a 10 minute video. So you’re actually super respecting their time by creating a quick video. So I don’t think it’s a bad thing, depending on your target market or whatever. But anyway, next, let’s talk about the 10 minute video. Now the 10 minute video is kind of the sweet spot because LinkedIn has a 10 minute max on video uploads at the time of this video.

Facebook obviously can do a 10 minute or longer and then YouTube obviously can do a 10 minute or longer. But if you want to hit that 10 minute video of LinkedIn and not have to sit there and edit for LinkedIn when you’re like, let’s just take my recap and review of USUMMIT 2019 that I uploaded to YouTube. Well, it was an 18 minute video and then I went to upload that to LinkedIn. They said, Oh, max of 10 minute video. Now I had to sit there. I mean I probably doubled or tripled my editing time for the video. I was like, Oh God, now I’ve got to sit there and cut out certain parts of this video. It was like, Oh, what’s the most exciting? It’s just one of those things like you don’t want to have to do that.

So if you create, if you max your video out of 10 minutes, I think if it’s something that you want to upload to multiple platforms and you probably do just depending on what the video is about, if you think it has any interest to your LinkedIn connections, I would recommend doing it. Just because you know, LinkedIn and you know, if you listen to Gary V, you know, LinkedIn and TikTok are words that right now in terms of, earned engagement and, you know, they’re kind of starving for content, for good content. It’s not like, you scroll through LinkedIn, it’s like all these random like cool things, but what do they have to do with like what I’m interested in in terms of business, like look at this cool new product that like saves like fish. Like okay, I’m a digital marketer. Like yeah, I think whenever you see that in LinkedIn, it’s a sign that like LinkedIn really is starving for relevant content to what your interests are and where you’re trying to take your business. So, and then TikTok, I mean, I’m getting off track here, but any school through TikTok should be obvious that it’s starving for decent content. Not just good but average.

But , anyway, yeah, that’s pretty much it. 15 to 60 second videos and then 10 minute videos and then long form, of course you can do YouTube and Facebook. You can do your long form videos on those too. But really I want to talk about the 60 second and the 10 minute videos as kind of being your two pillars of like where you want your content to be. Why not maximize your exposure, upload to multiple platforms to maximize exposure. You’re spending a lot of time and resources on these videos. Why not upload them to multiple platforms? That’s pretty much it the whole point of this video is maximize your investment, get the most amount of attention and, that’s the whole point of you creating videos, right? To get the most amount of people to watch them, who are in your target market or just period.

Right. And the best way to do that upload them natively. I forgot to say that before natively, you’re not sharing your TikTok to Instagram. You’re not sharing your Instagram video to Facebook. You’re uploading them natively on each platform. That is key because guess what? If you just share it to a platform, you’re going to get slapped by that platform’s algorithm cause they’re going to be like, why would we want to promote this other platform that makes no sense for where we’re trying to take our platform and be the best? They don’t. In the end, they’ll share it, they’ll share it to a few of your closest connections. Sure. They’re not going to give you that massive reach that you’re looking for. So that’s pretty much it. If you found this valuable at all, let me know by leaving a like, and if you have any questions, happy to answer them in the comments below. I’m extremely responsive there. And, go ahead and share this with somebody who you think needs to hear this and, enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you in next one.