Watch out for this Facebook scam Transcript

I uncovered a scam this morning on Facebook. I was actually working out this morning and scrolling through Facebook and I came across this awesome looking home gym. It’s like a resistance band thing. It gives you up to 300 pounds of resistance and it’s got a got barbell attachment, looks pretty sweet. You can connect it to a door and do like pull downs and all kind of stuff. The site-selling it for $25 sounds kind of ridiculous. Being that it kind of replaces an entire gym. I noticed that the bottom, it’s got this like coven 19 shipping may be delayed. I went over to AliExpress and Amazon couldn’t find anything close to this. I started typing in some various related keywords and I found this, this product was a Kickstarter like less than a year ago and you can see the prices of like 500 and some dollars. It looks like it was originally called max fit. Then it was rebranded as the max pro found the max pro website. Again, $529 preorder pricing. Going back to this original store, it’s called JDGray. Just a little bit of internet sleuthing, just a ton of red flags. Another search on Facebook found other scammy looking stores trying to sell this. So here’s the scam. They’re having people buy it. You’re going to use this as an excuse. Why people don’t receive it.